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Submission + - How the liberal critics of the Apollo program were proven wrong ( 2

MarkWhittington writes: "A recent story in The Atlantic reminds us that the Apollo program, so fondly remembered in the 21st Century, was opposed by a great many people while it was ongoing, on the theory that the money spent going to the moon would have been better spent on poverty programs. The problem with this view was that spending for Lyndon Johnson's Great Society dwarfed the Apollo program, that the programs in the Great Society largely failed to address poverty and other social ills, and that the Apollo program actually had a stimulative effect on the economy that fostered economic growth and created jobs by driving the development of technology,"
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How the liberal critics of the Apollo program were proven wrong

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  • by unitron ( 5733 ) on Sunday September 16, 2012 @03:14PM (#41354877) Homepage Journal

    ...the right wing have decided to try to trick people into thinking they were solidly behind the space program all along.

    When they weren't all busy marching with Dr. King.

  • I hate to break it to you, but just because some liberals were against the Space Program it doesn't mean that its suddenly some sort of win for conservatives. You can't look at history in the black-and-white ultra-partisan view of today. If anything the Space Program was a nationalist progressive movement brought on by a combination of a belief in the superiority of USA in technology and our social-political system, as well as a healthy dose of fear and paranoia about the Russians getting a leg up. The S

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