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Submission + - Low-Power Slab Server Pairs ARM with Linux (slashdot.org)

Nerval's Lobster writes: "Are you a data-center operator with a love for Linux? Are you curious about the new generation servers built on low-power ARM architecture? Codethink’s Baserock Slab ARM Server may scratch that dual itch.

As with other servers built on ARM architecture, Codethink intends the Baserock Slab for data centers in need of extra power efficiency. The Slab supports Baserock Linux, currently in its second development release (known as “Secret Volcano”), as well as Debian GNU/Linux.

While Baserock Linux was first developed around the X86-64 platform, its developers planned the leap to the ARM platform. Each Slab CPU node consists of a Marvell quad-core 1.33-GHz Armada XP ARM chip, 2 GB of ECC RAM, a Cogent Computer Systems CSB1726 SoM, and a 30 GB solid-state drive. The nodes are connected to the high-speed network fabric, which includes two links per compute node driving 5 Gbits/s of bonded bandwidth to each CPU, with wire-speed switching and routing at up to 119 million packets per second."

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Low-Power Slab Server Pairs ARM with Linux

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