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Submission + - Hackers Line Up For RFID Implantation At Toorcamp (

nonprofiteer writes: Andy Greenberg at Forbes has video of Toorcamp attendees getting RFID chips implanted in their hands. From the piece:

"And why volunteer to be injected with a chip that responds to radio signals with a unique identifier, a procedure typically reserved for tracking pets and livestock? “I thought it would be cool,” says Andrew, when we speak at a picnic table a few minutes after his injection. (The pain, he tells me, was only a short pinch, followed by a “weird feeling of a foreign body sliding into my hand.”)

The practical appeal of an RFID implant, in theory, is quick authentication that’s faster, cheaper and more reliable than other biometrics like thumbprints or facial scans. When the chip is hit with a radio frequency signal, it emits a unique identifier number that functions like a long, unguessable password. Implantees like Andrew imagine the ability to unclutter their pockets of keys and keycards and instead access their cars, computers, and homes with with a mere wave of the hand."

Really hope this isn't the third step should Google ever introduce Three-Factor Authentication.

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Hackers Line Up For RFID Implantation At Toorcamp

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