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Submission + - Thin Mini-ITX platform enables DIY iMacs ( 1

crookedvulture writes: "Shipments of all-in-one PCs are growing exponentially faster than those for typical desktops. Unfortunately, highly integrated systems like the iMac have traditionally made it difficult to replace or upgrade parts. And forget about assembling an all-in-one for yourself. Now, however, Intel has developed a Thin Mini-ITX platform that allows system builders and end users to put together all-in-one systems with standard parts. This hands-on look at Thin Mini-ITX pieces together an ersatz iMac using off-the-shelf components, and the process is pretty easy. While the end result isn't quite as slick as one of Apple's creations, parts can be swapped out with ease, and the configuration can be tailored to suit one's needs."
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Thin Mini-ITX platform enables DIY iMacs

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  • These will likely be a very popular choice for HTPCs, especially with Intel's integrated GPUs improving as they are. Perhaps there would be a market for a taller, wider board with space for a discreet GPU, although I dread to think of the heat and airflow implications of that.

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