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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: The Best Linux setup to transition Windows Users 1

Quantus347 writes: I am trying to convince a number of people to give Linux a chance, arguing that it has come a long way on the road of consumer usability. Can you, oh Wise Ones of Slashdot, recommend a Lunix setup that will be as similar as possible to a Windows environment (Windows 7 or XP). These people hate and fear change, and so will latch onto nearly any noticeable differences, so I'm thinking in terms of both front end functionality and the look of the interface. It would also be very important for them to have to go to the command line as little as possible during daily use (meaning as close to never as can be managed).
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Ask Slashdot: The Best Linux setup to transition Windows Users

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  • Going from Windows to KDE is less painful and with less of a learning curve than going from one version of Windows to another, and FAR less of a difference than going from Win 7 to Metro. I say kubuntu rather than Ubuntu, because stock Ubuntu uses the GNOME desktop.

    It has something similar to a start menu and in the same place (more logically laid out than Windows), desktop icons if you wish, a task bar, the equivalent of Control Panel (again, more logically laid out with things easier to find), the familia

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