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Submission + - ask /.: Why not Linux for Security? 1

An anonymous reader writes: In Friday's story about IBM's ban on Cloud storage there was much agreement, such as: "My company deals with financial services. We are not allowed to access Dropbox either."

So why isn't Linux the first choice for all financial services? I don't know any lawyers, financial advisers, banks, etc that don't use Windows. I switched to Linux in 2005 — I'm well aware that it's not perfect. But the compromises have been so trivial compared to the complete relief from dealing with Windows security failings.

Even if we set aside responsibility and liability, business already do spend a /lot/ of money and time on trying to secure Windows, and cleaning up after it. Linux/Unix should already be a first choice for the business world, yet it's barely even known of. It doesn't make sense. Please discuss; this could use some real insight. And let's at least try to make the flames +5 funny.
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ask /.: Why not Linux for Security?

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  • It is management by certification.
    Most managers cannot make technical qualification or performance decisions
    on their own. Thus the ECO system with the most certificates wins.

    This implies that there are a lot of things to be trained on and also a lot
    of things that need fixing. To this end Windowz seems to excel.
    Hidden in this is the analogy of bubbles.

    Two bubbles connected by a pipe. The small one appears to get sucked into the
    big one. Then there is the management problem in that the larger staff is

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