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Submission + - An Open Letter To Developers of Ad Blocking Software ( 1

hypnosec writes: John Battelle, CEO Federated Media Publishing sends out an open letter to Developers of Ad Blocking Applications: Dear Developers of Ad Blocking applications, I'll cut straight to the chase. What have we done to you to deserve your wrath? The ad blockers that you design prevent our ads from being displayed. Less advertising means less revenue for producing the quality content that you and everybody else craves and needs. High quality online content allows readers all over the world to educate and better themselves, without incurring any relative costs. Think about it: without online advertising where would the Internet be? Every site that depends on display advertising and page views would find it very hard to make ends meet. Producing good content is generally a very expensive procedure. As it stands, the overwhelming majority of the traditional (by traditional, I mean those who make a living out of writing) online content community works using the following equation.

Monthly Revenue = average advert slots per page x total number of page views x average cost per advert impression

Decreasing any of the variables on the right hand side will decrease revenue on the left hand side. And preventing adverts from displaying can have a devastating effect on the online media ecosystem, directly affecting web designers, journalists, editors, copywriters, developers, sales people, operations teams etc.

"When advertising works, millions keep their jobs" — Reader's Digest Ad

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An Open Letter To Developers of Ad Blocking Software

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  • I'll cut straight to the chase. What have we done to you to deserve your incessant bullshit?

    Nowhere else, in any other form of media, are advertisements so "tailored" to individuals based on information that the advertiser couldn't possibly have. Things like friends lists, web site visit history, software you have installed, online purchases, other cookies... how do you guys seem to always know what you think we want to see? I, for one, didn't give you permission to peer into my life, and yet, there you are

<< WAIT >>