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Submission + - Hackers Nab Unreleased Michael Jackson Tracks from Sony (securityweek.com) 1

wiredmikey writes: The plot thickens, and Sony once again has found itself in the news surrounding another hacking-related incident. This time around, the breach doesn’t appear to be in regard any lost user data or customer accounts, but instead, some valuable property owned by the record company.

Today, several British news outlets have reported that more than 50,000 music tracks have been illegally accessed and downloaded by hackers, including a large number from the late Michael Jackson.

Sony bought the catalog from Jackson’s estate for $250 Million in 2010, giving the company distribution rights to the unreleased music.

The attack reportedly occurred shortly after details of the massive PlayStation Network breach last April, but details were only revealed this past weekend.

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Hackers Nab Unreleased Michael Jackson Tracks from Sony

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  • Not every system you have needs to be connected to the Internet. Why in the world was such valuable digital property on a system that had ANY connection to the Internet, thorough NAT or otherwise?

    I'm sorry... it just doesn't make sense. It's like all the talk of the vulnerable power grid... just don't put those items on the open internet. Or better yet... don't network them at all and have a human attend it in a secure place.

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