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Submission + - Microsoft Taking Aggresive Steps Against Linux on ( 2

Microlith writes: Microsoft has updated their WHQL certification requirements for Windows 8, and placed specific restrictions on ARM platforms that will make it impossible to install non-Microsoft operating systems on ARM devices, and make it impossible to turn off or customize such security.

Choice quotes from the certification include from page 116, section 20: "On an ARM system, it is forbidden to enable Custom Mode. Only Standard Mode may be enable." which prevents users from customizing their security, and in section 21: "Disabling Secure MUST NOT be possible on ARM systems" to prevent you from booting any other OSes.

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Microsoft Taking Aggresive Steps Against Linux on

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  • consumers are like water and electricity... they follow the easiest path. it might be argued that they go for the cheapest option, but consumers are more lazy than cheap.

    also, like water and electricity, if you offer resistance, consumers are more likely to find alternate paths easier.

    if microsoft imposes too many restrictions, another path that may have offered more resistance before will become relatively less resistive, and consumers will be more likely to follow that path.

    that other path may no
  • Send to the ACCC in Australia:

    I believe Microsoft requiring lockout of any other operating system (such as Android) on ARM devices constitutes unconscionable conduct under the general protections (volume 3, chapter 2, part 2-2, section 21) of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

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