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ghostoftiber writes: "From the article: "Tim Bird, a Sony engineering veteran and the chair of the Architecture Group of the Linux Foundation's CE Workgroup, has announced a new concerted effort to get Android's changes to the Linux kernel back into the mainline Linux kernel tree." Android has been using Linux 2.6.x for it's devices since it's release, with patches from Google. To date they haven't been merged back into the kernel mainline but existed on Some of the features such as wakelocks would help with Linux tablet projects, but other features aren't fully realized and support remains spotty. The radio interface layer — referred to as the RIL — still exists as an ati/nvidia-esque shimloader scheme with modem "drivers" being nothing more than ihex files loaded by open code."
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A Real Effort To Mainline Android Changes In Linux

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  • Things which would be nice - the Android patches get mainlined and actually attract some real developers to the code base. The current problem with the state of ROM "development" is that people seem to have half a clue, but very rarely use tools that people in the Linux community consider indispensable for organizing development. Cyanogen is the only group thus far to really embrace GIT. Other developers have followed suit but the differences in hardware make this a bear. Finally the community is sorely lac
  • In addition to reaping all the obvious benefits of being in tree.

    I wonder if it also Google's hope to seek the protection of the Open Innovation Network for portions of their code.

    The interesting part is that Oracle is a licensee of OIN and as such agrees not to assert patents against the GNU/Linux environment (including competitors).