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Submission + - EOMA-PCMCIA modular computer aiming for $15 and Fr ( 3

lkcl writes: "An initiative by a CIC company Rhombus Tech aims to provide Software (Libre) Developers with a PCMCIA-sized modular computer that could end up in mass-volume products. The Reference Design mass-volume pricing guide from the SoC manufacturer, for a device with similar capability to the raspberrypi, is around $15: 40% less than the $25 rbpi but for a device with an ARM Cortex A8 CPU 3x times faster than the 700mhz ARM11 used in the rbpi. GPL Kernel source code is available. A page for community ideas for motherboard designs has also been created. The overall goal is to bring more mass-volume products to market which Software (Libre) Developers have actually been involved in, reversing the trend of endemic GPL violations surrounding ARM-based mass-produced hardware. The Preorder pledge registration is now open (account creation required)."
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EOMA-PCMCIA modular computer aiming for $15 and Fr

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  • There have been several other "open" projects that were almost open. What will be open and what parts if any will remain binary only? Are there data sheets for the ARM SOC with complete register info? Will the firmware for hardware init and Bootloader be open?

    • by lkcl ( 517947 )

      very good questions! i should add them to the FAQ, but i'll do them here, for now.

      * linux kernel, u-boot etc. source code _will_ be GPL'd. we have eliminated all the GPL-violating SoC manufacturers from enquiries. these parts are the absolute minimum that we will accept as selection criteria.

      * we would be delighted if SoC vendors opened up more source code.

      * in the case of the allwinner A10 EOMA-PCMCIA CPU card, there's the usual MALI 400MP GPL driver plus GPL-exempt "system library" /usr/lib/

  • This is a good follow up on this submission [] and these posts [].

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