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Submission + - riaa lawyer complains DMCA doesnt strip people of (

the simurgh writes: "The DMCA is just not providing the kind of protection against online piracy that Congress intended, Pariser said at a conference here on Thursday. ..
The judge in Universal Music Group's copyright suit against Veoh as well as the judge in EMI vs. issued similar findings. The courts have now determined the burden of policing the Web for infringing materials is the content owner and not the service provider. ..
Content companies think it is unfair for them to be required to spend resources on scouring the Web when their pirated work helps service providers make money. What they complain about almost as much is that after they notify a service provider of an infringing song or movie clip and they're removed, new copies appear almost immediately.

basically they are complaining the the DMCA doesn't allow them to break the internet and strip people of thier rights for their own profit and they have to legally police their own content at their expense."

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riaa lawyer complains DMCA doesnt strip people of

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