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conner_bw writes: I'm an OSX user looking to switch to a Linux laptop. I like the Unix/BSD aspect of OSX. Simple things like when I close the lid the laptop goes to sleep, the sound card works out of the box, long battery life, minimum cooling fan noise, and a comprehensive but relatively straightforward backup system and "AppleCare" package are important to me. What all-inclusive model of laptop and distro would you recommend?
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Ask Slashdot: Linux Laptops?

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  • The only OS/hardware maker that has all of that built-in, is Apple.

  • I was searching for such a laptop for a while and I am finally happy with my ASUS Transformer. It's something like a Mac without OS X (meaning: everything works out of the box: Video acceleration, power management, sound, wlan, whatever). Android isn't Linux but you can chroot a debian installation in there and have all the debian packages you want (heck I did even do embedded hardware development on there, msp-gcc works!). The screen is high-resolution enough so I can VNC to my computer whenever I want.


  • Each operating system has its strengths and weaknesses. Given what is important to you in an operating system, it sounds like you would be better sticking with Apple. Don't get me wrong, I love Linux and use it on all my computers. Linux has its strengths over OSX and those are important to me, but out of the box operation and "Applecare" like services are not Linux strengths.
  • I've bought a couple laptops from them and have no complaints (besides my personal dislike for Unity). They test all their machines, and run their own repo for stuff not included in Ubuntu's official repos. Everything (lid, sound, battery life, fan etc) works perfectly. []
    • Came in here to say this as well. I am typing this on a system 76 machine right now. Everything "worked" out of box, no complaints.

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