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wiredmikey writes: Today, Symantec researchers shared details on what they say could be the precursor to a future Stuxnet-like attack. Symantec said they were tipped off about the threat on October 13th by a research lab “with strong international connections.”

According to Symantec, samples of the malware were received by systems in Europe, with other variants showing up, one revealing a compilation date of October 17, 2011 that Symantec is currently analyzing. Initial findings compared Duqu to Stuxnet, with parts of it nearly identical to Stuxnet—but it appears to serve a different purpose and does NOT contain code that would target industrial control systems.

While the analysis shows many similarities in code and design to Stuxnet, the attack targets and usage could be more along the lines of what McAfee Identified as "Operation Shady RAT" earlier this year. This is in the early stages and much more should be learned over time, assuming more samples are collected.

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New Details on Precursor to the Next Stuxnet

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