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Hummdis writes: "After more than a month of being offline due to a security breach at, they're back!

While they were down, they took the time to "rearchitect" the site for developers and users.

"As noted previously, suffered a security breach. Because of this, we have taken the time to rearchitect the site in order to improve our systems for developers and users of To this end, we would like all developers who previously had access to who wish to continue to use it to host their git and static content, to follow the instructions here.
Right now, and have been brought back online. All developer git trees have been removed from and will be added back as the relevant developers regain access to the system.
Thanks to all for your patience and understanding during our outage and please bear with us as we bring up the different systems over the next few weeks. We will be writing up a report on the incident in the future.""

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Welcome Back

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