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Submission + - How Microsoft can lock Linux off W8 PCs (networkworld.com) 3

Julie188 writes: "Windows 8 PCs will use the next-generation booting specification known as Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). And actually Windows 8 logo devices will be required to use the secure boot portion of the new spec. Secure UEFI is intended to thwart rootkit infections by using PKI authentication before allowing executables or drivers to be loaded onto the device. Problem is, unless the device manufacturer gives a key to the device owner, it can also be used to keep the PC's owner from wiping out the current OS and installing another option, such as Linux."
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How Microsoft can lock Linux off W8 PCs

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  • If Microsoft starts enforcing this to lockout Linux installs on Windows PC's, it might backfire on them. Installing Linux on a PC designed for Windows can be nightmare with incompatible hardware, drivers, etc. On the other hand, Linux on a system designed for it is sweet. Such a move by Microsoft would likely drive more people to Linux vendors such as system76.com, increasing their "designed for Linux" sales and improving the overall experience with Linux. Of course, Google could also jump in and offer

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