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Submission + - HTML5 Poses Threat to Flash and the App Store (wsj.com) 1

pbahra writes: "Few outside the techie world were aware of HTML5 before April 2010 when Apple CEO Steve Jobs declared iPhones and iPads would never support Adobe Flash. Instead, he said, Apple would implement other technologies for video and games, based around HTML5. It was either strange or ironic when, a little over a year later, the Financial Times announced it had developed an app using HTML5 which would allow it to bypass payments to Apple for its use on the iPad or iPhone. That led to HTML5 being discussed as a technology that could kill Apple’s highly profitable App Store. The problem is HTML5 is not scheduled for official approval by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) until 2014. Developers, meanwhile, want to run the latest technology now. So they will either use proprietary plug-ins such as Flash or protocols that could become standards. So where does that leave the would-be app developer now? Paul Fifield CEO of iPad publishers Ceros, believes: “If you’re not looking to monetize your app then, absolutely, you should go for HTML5. If you’re looking to monetize it. then native coding for the App Store is still the way to go.”"
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HTML5 Poses Threat to Flash and the App Store

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