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Submission + - Alternatives to Gmail (web and IMAP, paid) 2

TheGratefulNet writes: I want to cut the cord with google and the first step is to find a good email/ISP provider. With all the snooping going on (by governments and the data center raids that happen in the US), I'd like to find an *offshore* (maybe Europe?) provider who emphasizes 'freedom' aspects, such as end to end security, data encryption on local disks, keeping absolute minimal logs/purging them frequently; as well as having a decent enough set of spam filters that they actively maintain. I *want* to pay for the sevice since I don't want ads or to have to spend time blocking stuff. I'd like to support a right-thinking ISP; are there any left, out there? Help me find a trusted offshore ISP that will likely be around and who does not do DPI and other evil things. Any recommendations for well-behaved ISPs out there?
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Alternatives to Gmail (web and IMAP, paid)

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  • Try GMX, been using for more than a year, offshore (german) and aggregates other accounts, not perfect however, they go down at times and don't explain why.
    • thanks, I knew about them but didn't consider them for IMAP use.

      how about some of the swiss companies? wonder if they are more secure or if that's just a myth?

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