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Submission + - Thingiverse gets its first DMCA Notice ( 2

Anonymous Coward writes: "The DMCA notice in question isn't from some large company but over the Penrose Triangle, something that by all rights should be ancient (public domain) history.

However, because Dr. Ulrich Schwanitz was already selling a Penrose Triangle on Shapeways, he felt justified in issuing a takedown notice from outside the US at Thingiverse, a site dedicated to sharing 3D models of 3D printable objects.

While the claim is almost certainly spurious due to the ancient nature of the original triangle, the fact that the poster generated his version from scratch, and the fact that copyright does not protect ideas, the DMCA requires that such claims be responded to swiftly, so the Thingiverse moderators have removed the offending object.

This is a pretty clear cut example of the chilling effect of what essentially amounts to the guilty-until-proven-innocent model of the DMCA rules on hosting material of questionable copyright."

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Thingiverse gets its first DMCA Notice

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  • Was going to post it myself. Too bad your title sucks though. How many people know what the hell a Thingiverse is? How can you tell from the title that this is possibly the first claim of copyright infringement over a 3D printed object, the most important point of the story?

    Oh the lost opportunity T_T

    • Oh, and the worst part of it? Because your title sucks this story isn't going to be accepted. With a shitty title, a submission can never make it out of the firehose :-(

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