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Submission + - As Goes Chrome OS, So Goes Google's Chrome Browser (ostatic.com) 2

Thinkcloud writes: If you happen to think, as I do, that Google Chrome is emerging as the very best browser available, it's worth noting a point that we've made many times on OStatic: Chrome's evolution will have everything to do with the ongoing development of Google's upcoming Chrome OS. Chrome OS, Google's first operating system aimed squarely at computing desktops, is an ambitious project for Google, and, from the outset, it's been clear that because the Chrome browser interface--and much of its plumbing--form the UI and guts of Chrome OS, the fate of the operating system and its sibling browser are inextricably tied. As glimpses of version 8 of the Chrome browser appear, this seems more true than ever...
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As Goes Chrome OS, So Goes Google's Chrome Browser

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  • I'm not sure I like the idea of the browser being intertwined with the OS. To me that just screams "attack vector". I guess we'll just have to wait and see how this plays out.
    • Oh shucks, it's not like any other group that tried it had any problems with a tightly integrated browser/OS combination.

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