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Submission + - Open Source OCR that makes Searchable PDFs (

An anonymous reader writes: In my job all of our multifunction copiers scan to PDF but many of our users want and expect those PDFs to be text searchable. I looked around for software that would create text searchable pdfs but most are very expensive and I couldn't find any that were open source (free). I did find some open source packages like cunieform and exactimage that could in theory do the job, but they were hard to install and difficult to setup and use over a network. Then I stumbled upon WatchOCR This is a livecd distro that can easily create a server on your network that provides an OCR service using watched folders. Now all my scanners scan to a watched folder, WatchOCR picks up those files and OCRs them, and then spits them out into another folder. It uses cunieform and exactimage but it is all configured and ready to deploy. It can even be remotely managed via the web interface. Hope this proves helpful to someone else who has this same situation.
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Open Source OCR that makes Searchable PDFs

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