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Submission + - Open-Source 3D NVIDIA Driver Is Ready In Fedora 13 (

An anonymous reader writes: Red Hat has already been using the Nouveau X.Org driver in Fedora for providing display and 2D support, but with their next release (Fedora 13) they will be making open-source 3D acceleration readily available to those using NVIDIA graphics cards. Red Hat has packaged the Nouveau 3D driver in Fedora 13 and what makes it more interesting than just being an open-source 3D driver that was written by the community with reverse engineering their closed-source driver is that it's one of the first drivers to use the Gallium3D driver interface. Phoronix has tested out this Gallium3D driver for NVIDIA GPUs in a Fedora 13 daily build and found it to run with a variety of OpenGL games, with benchmarks being included that compare it to NVIDIA's official driver. The performance is far from being on the same stage as NVIDIA's official Unix driver.
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Open-Source 3D NVIDIA Driver Is Ready In Fedora 13

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