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Submission + - Does An e-Mail Address Really Matter? 3

theodp writes: Over at the Chicago Tribune, freelance writer Nancy Anderson makes an embarrassing confession. It's 2010 and she still has an AOL e-mail address. 'You've got to get rid of that AOL address,' her publicist sister told her five years ago. 'It's bad for your image.' Image, shmimage, Anderson thought. 'If I do good work,' she asks, 'does my e-mail address really matter?' Good question. Would an AOL e-mail address — or another 'toxic' e-mail address — influence your decision to hire someone?
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Does An e-Mail Address Really Matter?

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  • Absolutely. AOL and Hotmail scream "clueless noobie douchebag".

  • If a potential employee is not competent enough to notice that their current email provider is lacking in features and accessibility, and is not prudent enough to at least ensure that a service they use every day is the best it can be (considering many other superior services, like Google, are free), I do not want this person working for me.
  • An AOL address may be a reason not to get hired as an IT professional. Someone might also get mighty suspicious if you have a company e-mail at a competing company without mentioning anything about it in your resume.

    An address like "cuddlybunny42" might prevent someone from hiring you as a bouncer, while "jesus.is.a.troll" might not increase your chances getting a job at the Vatican.

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