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Project Neon Will Bring Users Up-to-Date KDE Packages ( 42

sfcrazy writes: [Kubuntu founder Jonathan Riddell] is going to announce a new project at FOSDEM that brings the KDE experience to users. There is Fedora that offers latest from Gnome, but there is no such distro that offers the same level of integration with KDE software; yes, there is openSUSE but it offers KDE as an option. So Kubuntu based KDE Neon is a project to give KDE users and contributors a way to get KDE's desktop software while it's still fresh. It'll be providing packages of the latest KDE software so users can install it and stay up to date on a stable base.
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Project Neon Will Bring Users Up-to-Date KDE Packages

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  • by TheSunborn ( 68004 ) <tiller@daimi.[ ]dk ['au.' in gap]> on Saturday January 30, 2016 @03:40PM (#51404449)

    What is wrong with kde on Fedora?

    I am currently running Kde Fedora, with Kde Plasma 5.5.3 (The newest Plasma is 5.5.4, released just a few days ago som I am 0.0.1 from the newest when using standard Fedora).

    So for me, Fedora with kde instead of Gnome seems to be the perfect Kde based linux.

    • by WarJolt ( 990309 ) on Saturday January 30, 2016 @04:05PM (#51404589)

      I think it's fair to say that KDE maintainers for all distributions have significantly larger backlogs of software that needs to be packaged than gnome developers do. When users aren't using latest stable versions of packages it's really not good for a software community. For example you might have users experiencing issues that are already fixed upstream.

    • by GioMac ( 862536 )

      I guess, only issue is when you are running 5.5.4 and suddenly 5.9.2 is released, which is 6.0 beta, maybe this or when you are running 5.5.4 and 6.0 final is release and you have to wait for 4 months for next fedora release, but, usually, KDE is very crappy till X.0.X releases and crappy till X.0.3 releases, kinda

    • I tried a relatively recent version of plasma on some live distro and it was shite. For something that's supposed to be customisable you'd think it would let me add an icon to a panel.

    • Likewise, except s/Fedora/Arch

  • by Anonymous Coward

    I thought Riddlell's employer, Blue Systems, put out a "fresh" KDE rolling release version based off of Arch called Netrunner []. The Netrunner standard version is based off of Kubuntu. So what's the difference? Why do we need another Kubuntu based distro?

    • As mentioned in the article (I know...), the base for Neon will be Ubuntu LTS. So everything except KDE will be nice and stable, unlike with a rolling distro like Netrunner.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      Because the Qt 5.x series was released with showstopping bugs. Like for example a total inability to support multiple monitors, or reasonably deal with the possibility that there is _no_ display, not even temporarily. It's (supposedly) fixed in a newer versions of Qt but getting that backported to Kubuntu is very difficult, especially now the lead developer's stepped down.

      Really sad state of affairs - the distribution is basically unusable for anybody who wants to present to an audience, which is easily the

      • I was a KDE user on Fedora from about Fedora 6 to 21. It got so bad that a lead maintainer quit and personally I've switched myself, friends, and family to XFCE. KDE 4.0 was hell until 4.1, but 5 was even worse. A real shame - their star was looking so bright for a while.

      • by sr180 ( 700526 )

        Furthermore, major architectural issues. Running a full copy of mysql per login per user? Great fun if your ~ dir is on NFS. Even better if they decide to login to 2 machines at once. I loved finding the surprise 7.1TB log file in a hidden directory from mysql crying about being unable to access its files.

        Both Gnome and KDE have shown that they are only developing for a single machine desktop. No enterprise or terminal considerations at all. But barely even that. Putting log files into hidden directories?

  • Almost everything I read up on the internet about KDE is outdated. And I'm not alone. You are happy to find somebody who had the problem you have in 2012, but now its entirely different and everything is much nicer now, so one can't use the current method anymore.

  • by xfizik ( 3491039 ) on Saturday January 30, 2016 @04:23PM (#51404639)
    What's wrong with KDE being an option in OpenSUSE?
  • I have been waiting for something like this forever. This is awsome. Thanks again guys, you are awsome!!

  • by ffkom ( 3519199 ) on Saturday January 30, 2016 @06:14PM (#51405591)

    Does KDE require a distribution to enforce its use on the user? If it's attractive to use, people will do so even if it's "optional".

    Generally, I don't understand why people are so much involved with the looks of their "desktop". To me, that's the least relevant part of an operating system.

    • by Osgeld ( 1900440 )

      problem with a lot of these new DM's is that it is not just a look, its a complete change in how you use a computer

      if that works for you great, if you don't want to deal with fucking around for a half hour cause some hipster asshat decided YOU cant put a icon on YOUR desktop then there's a whole slew of DM's that follow the windows 9x style of UI we have been having no isssue getting work done on for 21 years

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