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Linus Torvalds Reads Your Mean Tweets 62

An anonymous reader writes "In the spirit of Jimmy Kimmel's popular Mean Tweets series and in a rare video appearance, Linus Torvalds takes to task a few 'tweeters' who have called him out. Never one to back down, Linus reads the tweets and shares his comments." Sadly, this is just a few -- with weekly updates, Linus could charge a subscription to fund unlimited diving trips.
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Linus Torvalds Reads Your Mean Tweets

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  • by MindPrison ( 864299 ) on Friday May 30, 2014 @07:42PM (#47133129) Journal
    Epic comment by mr. Torvalds.

    Personally I think he handled those tweets with grace and excellence, however - I do miss his "F*CK YOU NVIDIA" attitude sometimes, keeping it real, sticking it to the man and all that jazz.

    Here's a fun fact, I met Mr. Torvalds in a parking lot of Astoria (Oregon, US)...he was just leaving Bridgewater Bistro with (his wife?!), albeit he has never seen me before, he obviously doesn't like fanboys too much as he grabbed his (wife?!) hand and ran like mad towards his car when I tried to say HI! ... Hm...those Hollywood stars, what can I say?!

    Oh wait...

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