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Linus Torvalds Gives 'Thumbs Up' To Nvidia For Nouveau Contributions 169

sfcrazy writes "Linus Torvalds has had some harsh words for Nvidia in the past. Their failure to work constructively with the Linux community is especially disappointing in light of the company's large presence in the Android market. That said, where there is life, there is change, and that is just what happened yesterday. Torvalds publicly gave a thumbs-up to Nvidia for contributing basic support for the recently released Nvidia K1 processor to Nouveau; something that was totally unexpected but received with open arms. 'Hey, this time I'm raising a thumb for nvidia. Good times,' said Linus."
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Linus Torvalds Gives 'Thumbs Up' To Nvidia For Nouveau Contributions

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 03, 2014 @08:44PM (#46146085)
    That caused me to never buy another nVidia product since.
  • by TrollstonButterbeans ( 2914995 ) on Monday February 03, 2014 @09:28PM (#46146319)
    Nothing wrong with being an ass, if the cause is just and the talent is used in moderation.

    The results and tact that Linus uses this falls clearly in the acceptable category. He believes in high standards, but never goes out-of-bounds into silly land.

    Something to admire, in my book.
  • by icebike ( 68054 ) on Monday February 03, 2014 @10:18PM (#46146615)

    I'm on Google+, as my only Google product, and it does the job and seems to work. I'm not sure why people hate it, except for the Facebook fans who think everyone must be there or be nowhere.

    Its not the facebook fans that hate it.

    Its the people who have seen the abuse that things like facebook have done to violate people's privacy.
    To date we have only Google's word that the only thing they will do with your Plus data is serve you ads.

    But intelligent people realize this is a hollow promise, one that can be violated by Google themselves, or any random
    hacker that manages to penetrate Google's security, or any random NSA agent that wants to gen up a letter.

    When one of these copycat services, provides public/private key encryption capabilities with the server side
    not knowing your private key, let me know. But in the meantime, I trust regular old email (encrypted where necessary)
    more than a central repository in the hands of a third party that can't make any money without selling something
    to me
    , or breaking their promise and selling me to someone else After all, once you agree to go
    public with a Plus profile, you've essentially surrendered the last vestige of your privacy.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 03, 2014 @10:54PM (#46146807)

    nVidia's drivers have been the reason I've consistently purchased their products. On any OS, ATi/AMD have been consistently buggy and useless.

  • Re: me too (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 03, 2014 @11:50PM (#46147107)

    You'be either never owned an nvidia product, or an ati.

    I've owned two ati machines. For both of them, ati grew tired of supporting them long before I was done with the hardware. Now I have a laptop that works great except for its worthless ati video card. The open source driver is so slow it is worthless and the closed source one doesn't support a modern x11 server.

    Nvidia may be closed source, but it works.

  • by evilviper ( 135110 ) on Tuesday February 04, 2014 @01:40AM (#46147499) Journal

    I HATE Google+ for one simple reason... Google is trying very, very hard to push it down the throats of everyone using any google services.

    I used-to write reviews for Android apps in the Play Store, no problem... Now I can't do so, nor even vote an app, or a review of an app as helpful, unhelpful, or flag it as spam, without a G+ account. Nag nag nag. Strange that everything worked fine before G+, but now G+ is strictly required.

    Nearly the same is true for YouTube. There is no end to the nagging about linking a G+ account. And they make it a one-click process, so you click "OK" once by accident, and you've got a G+ account populated with your private information and address book from your gmail account, and all your information is now subjected to their insanely intrusive G+ (lack-of...) privacy policy.

    Google+ is plain, old-fashioned, SPAM.

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