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Fedora Project Developer Proposes Layered, More Agile Design to Distribution 74

Karrde712 writes "Fedora Cloud Architect Matthew Miller announced a proposal on a plan to redesign the way that the Fedora Project builds its GNU/Linux distribution. Fedora has often been described as a 'bag of bits,' with thousands of packages and only minimal integration. Miller's proposal for 'Fedora.Next' describes reorganizing the packages and upstream projects that comprise Fedora into a series of 'rings,' each level of which would have its own set of release and packaging requirements. The lowest levels of the distribution may be renamed to 'Fedora Core.' Much discussion is ongoing on the Fedora Devel mailing list. If any Slashdot readers have good advice to add to the discussion, it would be most useful to respond to the ongoing thread there." A full presentation on the plan will be given at the Flock conference next month, and draft slides have been uploaded. A few more details about the discussion are below the fold.

Karrde712 continues, Discussion on the list has questioned whether this is meant to be a return to the old "Fedora Core" and "Fedora Extras" model of Fedora's early life, to which Miller responded: 'I'm aware of this concern — I was there too, you know. As I was talking about the idea with people, it kept being hard to not accidentally say "core". Finally, as I was talking to Seth Vidal, he said, in his characteristic way, "Look, here's the thing. You should just call it Fedora Core. If you don't, people are going to be grumbling in the back corner and saying that it's really Core, and the conversation becomes about a conspiracy about the name. Just call it Fedora Core, and then have the conversation about the important point, which is how it's different."'

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Fedora Project Developer Proposes Layered, More Agile Design to Distribution

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  • by Joining Yet Again ( 2992179 ) on Tuesday July 23, 2013 @05:20AM (#44359263)

    I pretty much left the software development world when all this "Agile" bullshit became popular.

    Over the past decade there has been an explosion of methodologies and metrics to coincide with a stagnation in fundamental developments in engineering. Contrary to what the young'uns think, there is very little that's appeared on the software scene that wasn't already there - and written more efficiently - either on the desktop in the '90s, or on the mainframe/cloud in the two decades prior. But what we do have is a whole pile of paperwork, of admin, of things to remember about how you're supposed to be doing things, of new ways to make creativity just that little bit harder.

    So there is an *explosion* on all the new platforms of very similar software products, all developed the same way.

    Stop it. Find out what works in your organisation, and evolve incrementally. Don't look to claims of revolutionary buzzwords.

  • by aglider ( 2435074 ) on Tuesday July 23, 2013 @06:19AM (#44359421) Homepage
    In order to get Linux growing is a similar thing.
    A "ring0" with a very basic system on top of which all other distros are based.
    This would avoid everyone re-inventing the warm water multiple times, while distros would focus on the other rings.
    More or less the same as is seen in FreeBSD with the "GIU"derivatives.
    A controlled ring0 would focus on keeping the system up and running at the very best with a centralized repo for everyone.
    But you may say i am a dreamer ...
  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday July 23, 2013 @10:44AM (#44360951)

    TIL: Sensible presentation of complex data is 'marketing'.

    I should hire some marketers to help me with my big data sets.

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