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Linux 3.11 Officially Named "Linux For Workgroups" 376

An anonymous reader writes "Linus Torvalds decided to change the code name for Linux 3.11 and even submitted an alternate Tux Logo. Heise reports: 'For this release, Linus Torvalds changed the code name from "Unicycling Gorilla" to "Linux for Workgroups" and modified the logo that some systems display when booting: it now depicts a Tux holding a flag with a symbol that is reminiscent of the logo of Windows for Workgroups 3.11, which was released in 1993.'"
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Linux 3.11 Officially Named "Linux For Workgroups"

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  • by tepples ( 727027 ) <> on Monday July 15, 2013 @12:57PM (#44286131) Homepage Journal
    As of Windows 7, Microsoft no longer uses the "flag" as a mark to identify Windows. But what claim would Microsoft still have against the use of the flag []?
    • by MetalliQaZ ( 539913 ) on Monday July 15, 2013 @01:01PM (#44286181)

      If they're smart they will simply smirk at the jab and do nothing. It's a small piece of free advertisement.

    • by Trepidity ( 597 ) <> on Monday July 15, 2013 @01:12PM (#44286331)

      It's pretty clearly a parody, not a trademark misuse that could cause confusion in the marketplace.

      • by Trogre ( 513942 )

        Perhaps, but that flag looks rather like a screen grab of the actual logo. Then we're out of trademark soup and into copyright fritters.

    • by gmuslera ( 3436 )
      They aren't using the FAT filesystem anymore and still blackmail android vendors because they "own" it.
      • Not quite true - it's still the default file system for most flash drives. At least it's rare that I encounter a flash drive that comes preformatted with an NTFS or superior file system, though hard drives seem to have mostly made the switch. Just because it's not being employed directly by MS for system resources doesn't means it's unused - it's still heavily used for compatibility purposes and, as you point out, the strategic deprivation of such. Whether such conduct is *ethical* is a completely separa

    • by pspahn ( 1175617 )
      eh? []
    • by jbengt ( 874751 )

      As of Windows 7, Microsoft no longer uses the "flag" as a mark to identify Windows.

      That's funny, because I'm sitting here and looking at a Windows 7 "flag" on my Windows 7 start button. (OK, there's no flagpole, but it still looks more like a waving flag than curved windows.)

      • Typo. I meant Windows 8, whose logo is no longer a flag. And even Windows 7 doesn't use the Windows 3.1 flag seen in the article.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday July 15, 2013 @12:57PM (#44286135)

    I can't wait to see Linux 95. The Linux market will explode when that comes out.

    • by MetalliQaZ ( 539913 ) on Monday July 15, 2013 @01:03PM (#44286211)

      Windows95 was really just a GUI running on top of DOS. Download GNOME and you've got it already!

    • I started using Linux with Slackware 96 [] running Linux 2.0 (2.0.4 by the time I started).
    • Well all they got to do is taking a meeting with the Firefox developers and it shouldn't be a problem
  • Hilarious (Score:5, Funny)

    by Arker ( 91948 ) on Monday July 15, 2013 @12:59PM (#44286165) Homepage

    Good to see Linus still has a sense of humor.

    I suppose shipping intentionally buggy IPX drivers with it might be taking the joke too far though.

  • From the h-online article: "Zswap, a component that tries to compress and store in RAM memory areas that would otherwise need to be swapped, has now left the staging branch." It surprises me that it took this long to implement swapping to a compressed RAM disk. Or were they waiting for patents related to Connectix RAM Doubler [] to expire?
  • Finally (Score:5, Funny)

    by etash ( 1907284 ) on Monday July 15, 2013 @01:06PM (#44286245)
    Linux is catching up with windows. 20 more years to go! yay!
  • by sl4shd0rk ( 755837 ) on Monday July 15, 2013 @01:06PM (#44286255)

    without reading TFA.
    get off my lawn. ha

  • by Bill_the_Engineer ( 772575 ) on Monday July 15, 2013 @01:32PM (#44286625)
    I hope the experience will be better than MS Windows for Workgroups.
  • It is supposed to be Open Source, not Open Sores. Some of us are still scarred from the nightmare of WFW.

    • by Greyfox ( 87712 )
      No kidding. I was working the OS/2 support line at the time. Rumors at the time had it that Microsoft introduced that version entirely to force IBM to play catch-up with their Windows support. I seem to recall they started their biweekly releases of DirectX drivers shortly after that, as well.
  • by Freshly Exhumed ( 105597 ) on Monday July 15, 2013 @02:13PM (#44287113) Homepage

    Anyone have a spare Disk 8? Mine is corrupted.

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