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Linux Build

3D Printer Controlled With a Touch-Screen Linux Tablet 30

New submitter drachensun writes "Francesco Santini was looking into the possibilities of stand-alone printing with the Solidoodle. He choose the PengPod 700, a tablet that runs a full Linux distribution and turned it into a standalone interface for the SD2. 'So, in summary, I now have a fully-functional touchscreen pronterface installation that can drive the Solidoodle, for a total cost of 110$. No assembly, soldering, firmware modding required. Just a little bit of fiddling with Linux (if required, I can post a step-by-step guide, or prepare an ad-hoc linux image).'"
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3D Printer Controlled With a Touch-Screen Linux Tablet

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  • by jockm ( 233372 ) on Saturday April 06, 2013 @07:20PM (#43381387) Homepage

    While it is true you don't need more than that, it is very very nice to have more than that. I routingly move the bed and printhead to aid in cleaning the bed (and not always to the same location). I like to raise the Z axis before a print to make sure I get any stray material from the head. There is the big red stop button (which Pronterface really needs to add), and then there is loading and viewing models, interacting with the printer, etc etc etc

    We technically don't need a lot of things, but doesn't mean they aren't really nice to have...

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