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Linux Technology

World's First Linux Powered Rifle Announced 272

stevew writes "Following up our earlier discussion about whether guns should be self-aware comes the announcement of the world's first Linux-powered rifle. A startup attending CES was showing how their 'Precision Guided Firearms' would use customized, computerized scopes to assist with aiming. 'The Linux-powered scope produces a display that looks something like the heads-up display you'd see sitting in the cockpit of a fighter jet, showing the weapon's compass orientation, cant, and incline. To shoot at something, you first "mark" it using a button near the trigger. Marking a target illuminates it with the tracking scope's built-in laser, and the target gains a pip in the scope's display. When a target is marked, the tracking scope takes into account the range of the target, the ambient temperature and humidity, the age of the barrel, and a whole boatload of other parameters. It quickly reorients the display so the crosshairs in the center accurately show where the round will go.'"
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World's First Linux Powered Rifle Announced

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  • gotta ask (Score:5, Funny)

    by Tablizer ( 95088 ) on Wednesday January 09, 2013 @07:21PM (#42539707) Journal

    But does it run Windows?

  • So.. (Score:5, Funny)

    by robkore ( 251928 ) on Wednesday January 09, 2013 @07:24PM (#42539735)

    Guns don't kill people, linux does.

  • Oh boy (Score:5, Funny)

    by Hsien-Ko ( 1090623 ) on Wednesday January 09, 2013 @07:27PM (#42539779)
    Now you can sudo rm rf the real world.
  • Graybeard: "Oh my oh my, what would Sakharov think?"

    Linux Kid: "Who is Sakharov?"

  • by stevegee58 ( 1179505 ) on Wednesday January 09, 2013 @07:30PM (#42539835) Journal
    "Oh wait! I can't shoot anything because the screen's all blue!"
  • Imagine! (Score:5, Funny)

    by bradorsomething ( 527297 ) on Wednesday January 09, 2013 @07:36PM (#42539923)
    Imagine Beowulf armed with a cluster of these!
  • by MrEricSir ( 398214 ) on Wednesday January 09, 2013 @07:37PM (#42539933) Homepage

    It's GNU/Linux, not GUN/Linux.

  • by getto man d ( 619850 ) on Wednesday January 09, 2013 @07:41PM (#42539975)
    "It's the year of the linux desktop...BECAUSE I SAY SO!"
  • Now that is what I call a "point-and-click" interface.

    Coming soon:. Maces and clubs running BASH.
  • RMS's Broadway revival of Annie Get Your Gun [wikipedia.org].

  • by kav2k ( 1545689 ) on Wednesday January 09, 2013 @08:20PM (#42540373)

    I wonder, does it come with commando line interface [unm.edu]?

  • Now our snipers can say "I'm gonna CTL-ALT-Delete you" when they take out a target....

  • The OICW and XM25 both have (had, in the case of the OICW) a similar sighting system: ping the range (or enter manually) and the reticule will relocate to the correct angle to fire the grenade to have it land at/over/in the target location (depending on whether the round is meant to detonate above a trench, over a wall or through a window into a building).
  • by trims ( 10010 ) on Wednesday January 09, 2013 @09:06PM (#42540825) Homepage

    RTFA indicates that this is almost identical to the ballistic computer (aka gunsight computer) found in practically any modern MBT or IFV. They've shrunk it down and merged it with a rifle. However, they've once again failed the "Just because we CAN, doesn't mean we SHOULD" question.

    I saw this once before: Objective Individual Combat Weapon [wikipedia.org]

    It's what taking a $400 M-16 and mating it with a new 25mm grenade launcher, then running it through the Military Industrial Complex gets you: a $800,000 weapon that's too bulky to use, of marginal benefit, and of questionable utility.

    Honestly, the Marine Corp and British Marines have a solution that works far better than either the OICW or this new gadget: it's called PRACTICE. I'm willing to bet that putting in a couple of dozen hours at a local shooting range would do the potential buyer of this gadget far more good. Not to mention saving them $15k or more. I also seriously doubt this "system" is rugged enough to be used (and abused) in the field for any length of time, even just for hunting. Even by pampered super-rich hunting dilettantes.

    Sometimes, technology just gets in the way of getting things done.

    • Honestly, the Marine Corp and British Marines have a solution that works far better than either the OICW or this new gadget: it's called PRACTICE.

      That practice is quite expensive. What if, one day, any soldier could fire any weapon through a hole in a fortification from a distance like an elite sniper does to avoid detection? The OICW is too much too soon, and so is this, but it's never too soon to lay the ground work, only to imagine deployment.

  • will acquire a whole new meaning.

  • This+3-D printers = a little more power to the people. Also doubling of manpower for sniper teams that want to take risks (no spotter needed)

    The great part of a sniper's work after he's in position and hidden is essentially calculus. The vector analysis that takes into account all these things and spits out windage and elevation. That and steady hands are all that's needed to place a shot with all the accuracy of which a rifle is capable.

    Countering this trend toward more effective less educated sniper te
  • That they have selected Linux is only significant in that it is free for them to use and actively developed. That by itself is just a drop in the barrel of the large number of device makers who select Linux to build their machines. Who is making such devices using Windows? I think no one. I know it has been tried in the past but I doubt it is going on at present. Perhaps someone will point out some examples to the contrary.

    The industry recognizes Linux is great for these types of purposes. Virtually a

  • by Mabhatter ( 126906 ) on Wednesday January 09, 2013 @10:03PM (#42541349)

    It's the Replay function of the ZF-1!

    Voilà, the ZF.1. It's light, handle's adjustable for easy carrying, good for righties and lefties, breaks down into four parts, undetectable by x-ray, ideal for quick discreet interventions. A word on firepower, titanium recharger, 3,000 round clip with bursts of 3 to 300, with a Replay button--another Zorg invention--it's even easier. One shot and Replay sends every following shot to the same location. And, to finish the job, all the Zorg oldies but goldies: rocket launcher; arrow launcher, with exploding or poisonous gas heads; our famous net launcher; and, the always efficient flame thrower--my favorite; and, for the grand finale, the all new Ice Cube System. http://www.uselessmoviequotes.com/umq_f004.htm

  • We just need to add a voice now!

    Good Decision!

    DIe Die Die!

    http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Shotgun_1340 [wikia.com]

  • Oooh! (Score:4, Funny)

    by slashmydots ( 2189826 ) on Wednesday January 09, 2013 @11:04PM (#42541837)
    Yay, now I'll have something to shoot my Android-powered oven with when it becomes self aware and attempts to cook my dog as revenge for not cleaning it.
  • by Jmc23 ( 2353706 ) on Thursday January 10, 2013 @02:09AM (#42543031) Journal
    Just imagine having all that precise data available to quantify what you're experiencing on the shooting range. Such accurate feedback will allow your brain to gauge wind speeds, degree changes in direction, distances far more accurately and eventually get a far more efficient synthesis of all that information even without the scope.

    I love tech like this, though I would only use it for target practice. Though i'd much rather an HMD that gave the same info and could give measurements of whatever you're focusing on. Some training with those would be excellent for architecture, construction, surveying, etc...

  • by XDirtypunkX ( 1290358 ) on Thursday January 10, 2013 @03:04AM (#42543263)

    Goddam aimbots.

  • I worked on a much more advanced and ultimately classified project for the Navy SEALS that produced a 'first shot kill' gun sighting system for the SEALs in ... 1993. The sight was designed to go on crew served weapons and sniper weapons. It included aim point calculation, full ballistics computing, sensors, range finder, thermal and optical sighting, low light level, yadda yadda yadda. At the time the sofware was required to be ADA (thanks, DOD).

    Just because you put a shiny Linux on something doesn't make it all new and stuff.

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