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Raspberry Pi Team Launches Pi Store 91

sfcrazy writes "Raspberry Pi developer team has introduced the Pi store, a place to get software for Raspberry Pi, in collaboration with IndieCity and Velocix. The team hopes that the store will become a one-stop-shop for Raspbian Pi users. The store already has 23 major applications available for users including LibreOffice and Asterisk. There are classic games like Freeciv and OpenTTD and Raspberry Pi exclusive Iridium Rising. The team also managed to get 'one piece of commercial content: the excellent Storm in a Teacup from Cobra Mobile.'"
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Raspberry Pi Team Launches Pi Store

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  • Re:Wait, what?? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by itsdapead ( 734413 ) on Monday December 17, 2012 @01:02PM (#42315013)

    I thought this was all about open source and stuff. Aren't these Apple Stores completely contrary to the spirit of OSS?

    Yeah, but the Pi is all about getting kids to tweak and rewrite software, so unlike Apple they probably have a large, enticing "Get the source" button on every app...

    Lets have a look.

    Somewhere around here...

    Where is it...

    On LibreOffice surely, I know that's LGPL...

    You may not modify or redistribute this content.

    Oh dear...

    Never mind, they must be raising money for the Pi foundation - I'm sure this is on the site somewhere, but my browser seems to have a bug causing it to disappear.

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