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Running Netflix On Linux 185

ndogg writes "Netflix now works on Linux... sort of. The folks at iheartubuntu have figured out a way to get Netflix to run on the Windows version of Firefox using Wine (with a number of custom patches) and Silverlight. They plan on releasing packages for it all soon. Currently, it seems they have only had success with 32-bit, while compiling for 64-bit is tricky."
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Running Netflix On Linux

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  • by spidercoz ( 947220 ) on Friday November 16, 2012 @12:24PM (#42002213) Journal
    Until it runs in Linux natively, I'm not reinstating my subscription. Bite me, Netflix.
  • Re:Still wondering (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Bradmont ( 513167 ) on Friday November 16, 2012 @12:26PM (#42002253)
    Given that Netflix' CEO was (until last month) a member of the board of directors of Microsoft, and owns about $6 Million in Microsoft stock, I think he probably doesn't want Linux to become a strong desktop option...
  • Re:Still wondering (Score:5, Interesting)

    by 0123456 ( 636235 ) on Friday November 16, 2012 @01:27PM (#42003025)

    So how come it works on Android?

  • by bill_mcgonigle ( 4333 ) * on Friday November 16, 2012 @01:51PM (#42003275) Homepage Journal

    Seriously? How??? or something like that - it's a Pepper plugin.

    My cobwebbed mind suggests it has some sort of tie-in with TPC that is inactive if the Chromebook isn't running in developer mode. Somebody correct me here.

  • Why bother? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Bert64 ( 520050 ) <bert AT slashdot DOT firenzee DOT com> on Friday November 16, 2012 @02:18PM (#42003399) Homepage

    Regular TV is broadcast in a standard format that can be received on any compatible device, where the specifications required for compatibility are openly available for anyone to implement.
    VHS was the same...

    Now media is delivered in drm-encumbered proprietary formats, all in the name of "preventing piracy", however piracy is now more common than ever.

    I used to buy movies on VHS and/or watch them on broadcast TV, but if you try to force me to use a proprietary device to watch tv i will just find superior alternatives instead that can be viewed on devices of my choice.

    The warez versions are massively superior to what netflix offers:

    - you can watch the files on any device thats physically capable with no arbitrary restrictions
    - you can download at any time and watch later (eg if you have bandwidth caps during the day but not at night, or want to watch on a portable device)

    I would pay for a legit service which offered the same quality of service as warez, but since such a service isn't available i can't... Those services which are available are clearly inferior and entirely unusable for me.

  • Re:Still wondering (Score:5, Interesting)

    by evilviper ( 135110 ) on Friday November 16, 2012 @04:12PM (#42005089) Journal

    Netflix works fine on the Mac, which is a bigger threat to Microsoft's desktop dominance than Linux is.

    Apple's Mac is clearly no threat to Microsoft. They've shown themselves perfectly happy to have a profitable niche, rather than lower prices and cater to the unwashed masses.

    The real threat to Windows is Android... A decent Android tablet is only $80, plus a few for bluetooth keyboard and stand. Viewsonic is embedding Android systems in their monitors, now, so you can go buy a new monitor for your PC, and later decide the PC its attached to is redundant. I'm frustrated nobody has put together a polished Linux OS layer for Android, ala. Cygwin or MacPorts, so a number of Linux apps I need can't be run on Android. Microsoft knows the threat, and they've (re-)entered the tablet market to try and just slow the competition down, and divide the market, with Win8, rather than let a free and open option gain dominance and that magical economies of scale that suddenly tips the balance of power.

    Netflix doesn't seem happy about Android, either. They dragged their feet as long as they could on getting out a Netflix app for Android, and while it's out there now, it sure performs like crap on my nice fast cell phone that easily runs everything else... I suppose no matter how much Netflix loves Microsoft, they can't ignore the market to the point of their own demise.

    Meanwhile, HuluDesktop has been available for Linux for a good long time... If you want to stream TV shows and a few movies on your Linux DVR, Hulu Plus is obviously the way to go.

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