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OpenSUSE ARM Final Less Than a Week Away; RC2 Out Now 28

Andy Prough writes "Jos Poortvliet of the openSUSE team has announced that openSUSE ARM RC2 is available for download and needs testing. The final version is due out on November 6th, and support has been expanded to include the following SoCs: Calxeda Highbank, CuBox, IMX 53, and Samsung Origen. Although Raspberry Pi is not yet supported, the openSUSE team plans to roll out support in the future. User Etam has posted a picture of it working without trouble in chroot on an N900, although Firefox is working "terribly slow" but not crashing."
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OpenSUSE ARM Final Less Than a Week Away; RC2 Out Now

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  • by Gaygirlie ( 1657131 ) <gaygirlie&hotmail,com> on Saturday November 03, 2012 @02:04AM (#41862693) Homepage

    I don't personally see much point in running another distro in chroot. You're just wasting memory and CPU on running two X11s and all, and it's obviously going to be slow.

    I'm still disappointed in Nokia keeping the necessary information to be able to implement battery charging closed, such a dick move from their part; I installed Gentoo natively on my N900 -- no chroot -- and god damn it flew compared to Maemo, but no matter what I just couldn't get battery charging to work. And quite obviously not being able to charge the battery on a mobile phone makes the whole thing quite useless.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      You're only running two X servers if you do the VNC or Xnest thing; you can let clients from the chroot connect to the main X server just fine, if you don't need different window management (e.g. to make the GIMP "usable"), and that's what I did 99% of the time on my N810. Still got two copies of a fuckload of libraries and such eating RAM, of course. (I never messed much with chroots on my N900 -- something about being out of grad school and having a job left me with less time for more-or-less pointless di

      • Anyway, if your USB connector dies (as mine did)

        I've been lucky on that; the USB-connector on my N900 is still perfectly solid and works peachy.

        and your preferred solution involves soldering wires to the battery terminals and installing a separate charging circuit (I used a Palm Pre inductive receiver + a USB Li-ion charging board, all crammed in a Mugen extended battery cover) rather than just replacing the USB connector, you don't need the onboard charging anyway. I never thought of it, but that does basically make booting other distros practical. I really should dig it out and try it sometime...

        With your setup, yes, running other distros natively should be perfectly feasible. I've been thinking of going the same route, but my hands shake so much that I probably would mess the soldering up -- it's hard for me to keep my hands/fingers stable and make small, delicate movements.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      about charger when running nativ []

    • And quite obviously not being able to charge the battery on a mobile phone makes the whole thing quite useless.

      Reminds me of the scene in Book of Eli where he gets his iPod trickle-charged from the crazy old dude in the electronics shop. Would the N900 charge if you turned the phone off after you had installed Gentoo, or still not?

  • by gmuslera ( 3436 ) on Saturday November 03, 2012 @12:23PM (#41865003) Homepage Journal
    Killed by Nokia, dismissed as a failure, and ... still is the reference board for a lot of hacking projects, still showing how adaptable is it, still somewhat relevant in some circles. Why no company got a hint of it and tried to push something comparable, maybe more up to date, maybe even more open?
  • Just now openSUSE has arm support? Gentoo has had support for arm since forever, but I guess few people use it so it doesn't matter...

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