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Linux.org Quietly Comes Back To Life 52

jfruh writes "The venerable Linux.org site quietly relaunched some weeks ago, offering much of the original useful content on Linux as well as some new articles. The site is still associated with Michael McLagen, a somewhat controversial figure due to the fights around the Linux Standards Association back in the late '90s. McLagen has not responded to requests for comments on the relaunched site."
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Linux.org Quietly Comes Back To Life

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  • by hawguy ( 1600213 ) on Tuesday July 10, 2012 @07:16PM (#40608677)

    I love the "testimonial" in the Latest News box from Pivatejetscharter.com that sounds like it was written by a Linux marketing specialist:

    http://www.linux.org/article/view/privatejetscharter-net-why-we-love-linux [linux.org]

    Open Source software gave us an extra level of security and speed that just wasn’t available through proprietary software. Our website has unique demands and we designed customized security for it that we are constantly changing and updating. Unlike static proprietary software that can be studied and then hacked in mass, attacking unique open source sites just isn’t profitable and it is much more difficult.

    Proprietary software is static and easily studied and hacked. Open source sites are unique and can't be hacked in mass.

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