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Debian Books

English Translation of Debian Administrator's Handbook Available 40

After a successful campaign to liberate the English translation of the French Debian Administrator's Handbook, Roland Mas and Raphaël Hertzog announced its availability under the Creative Commons BY-SA license. You can read it online, download it for free, apt-get install debian-handbook if you're using Debian, or buy a physical copy (or donate for an electronic version). I skimmed through it, and discovered a few debconf and libvirt tricks I hadn't known about within a few minutes.

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English Translation of Debian Administrator's Handbook Available

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday May 10, 2012 @08:58PM (#39961769)

    I could have beaten the ascii dick troll if I hadn't.

  • by Qubit ( 100461 ) on Thursday May 10, 2012 @09:11PM (#39961875) Homepage Journal

    Very few comments on an article... fp is a troll... second post is simultaneously relevant and pokes fun at the trolls... It's like a time warp back to slashdot of 1999!

    (we're grievously low on mentions of hot grits and cowboy neal, but I'm sure someone can provide the necessary fodder)

    Good news about the handbook. I'm hoping to get a chance to read through it sometime, and it will be much easier in English than in the French.

  • by anakha ( 88297 ) on Thursday May 10, 2012 @10:03PM (#39962279)

    I'm waiting for a the video, narrated by Natalie Portman - naked and petrified, covered in the aforementioned hot grits.

  • by EdIII ( 1114411 ) on Thursday May 10, 2012 @11:53PM (#39962947)

    Sounds like a Kickstarter project ready to get funded.

    Plus she did Your Highness so I think she is flexible on the types of projects she will do.......

  • by Qubit ( 100461 ) on Friday May 11, 2012 @12:52AM (#39963231) Homepage Journal


    Parce que je parle anglais comme un ange, et francais comme un singe.... ou peut-etre un enfant, mais je ne me souviens plus quelque chose qu'on pronounce avec la meme sond de << enfant >> en francais, sauf << mechant >>, et ca ne me plait pas bien!

    et la prochaine fois, citerez ce dont vous repondez, ou je me trouverai avec un p'tit casse-tete que je devrai resoudre apres que je peux comprendre ce que vous disez!

    (en verite, la raison pourque je ne veux pas lire ce livre en francais est completement au cause du poisson dans l'oreille -- je l'ai coupe avec le rasoir il y a une semaine, et il ne fonctionne pas beaucoup. Je n'ai pas d'autre, et...voila... que dois-je faire quant aux langues des pays etranges?)

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