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Internet Systems Consortium Seeks Wider Input For BIND 10 60

joabj writes "The ISC is seeking some open source magic for the next version of the widely used BIND. Although the BIND is already open source, most of the work thus far done on the DNS server software has come from contractors, the government and Unix vendors. 'The goal is to move away from having BIND a heavily sponsored corporate product,' said BIND 10 manager Shane Kerr. Kerr is hoping that more eyes will equal fewer bugs, and that more users will go ahead and implement the features they've been requesting themselves. BIND 10, due by the end of the year, features a new modular architecture, one designed to circumvent many of the security woes that have bedeviled BIND 9."
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Internet Systems Consortium Seeks Wider Input For BIND 10

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  • by OeLeWaPpErKe ( 412765 ) on Saturday January 14, 2012 @05:41AM (#38696108) Homepage

    They're going to be more agile.

    That's what the bind 10 egineering manager told the committee of architects. She did this with approval from four other managers. The committee of architects will now present their solution to a conference of engineers, and then they will then choose external parties to be contracted to do the actual programming (and "surprisingly" the cheapest acceptable external party will just happen to have a job at verizon ... which is why "corporate features" are so prevalent in Bind). But now ... They're "looking for input". Anyone here ever tried to give input to an ISC discussion ? It's a bit like bleeding to death while having your leg slowly feasted on by a pack of hyenas, except of course that it takes 4-5 years for you to die (don't worry, the chances of someone actually having looked at your input in that time frame is minute, after all let's face it : these guys work so fast that features like intergalactic eon-timescales dns support needs to be built in right now. After all, given their decision speeds, it's very unlikely that there will be consensus for another release before we need it). By the time it is obvious just how much input ISC egos can stand you will have a newfound appreciation for bleeding to death : it's fast, and a bleeding leg does not have an ego charlie sheen would describe as "much worse than my mother".

    I foresee issues.

  • by jimmydigital ( 267697 ) on Saturday January 14, 2012 @08:44AM (#38696594) Homepage Journal

    I say KILL IT WITH FIRE! And while they are readying the bonfire... hunt down sendmail as well. Some software ages gracefully... like a fine wine... and gets better over the years. Other looks more like some over the hill celebrity who's had way too much work done on their face just so they can pretend to still be relevant and land that last big staring role. Give it up Bind... it's not going to happen.

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