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$25 PC Prototype Gets Award At ARM TechCon 238

New submitter gbl08ma writes "The Raspberry Pi project, which aims to create a $25 Linux box, won an award for the category 'Best in Show for Hardware Design' at ARM TechCon, even though they haven't yet released any final product (the release will be sometime in late November). Eben Upton demonstrated the capabilities of one of the prototypes that have been built. From advanced graphics at 1080p resolution to simple web browsing and desktop productivity, the small boards with ARM-based processors and PoP SDRAM have proven to be very versatile, fast and durable."
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$25 PC Prototype Gets Award At ARM TechCon

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  • by mollymoo ( 202721 ) on Sunday October 30, 2011 @12:07AM (#37883904) Journal
    >Either way I these devices will be great for home automation.
    >Low power enough to sit behind a light switch but powerful enough to handle monitoring
    >lights, temperatures and a lot more.

    A 700 MHz ARM11 SoC with 128 MiB of RAM is two or three orders of magnitude more hardware than you need to do that.
  • by hamster_nz ( 656572 ) on Sunday October 30, 2011 @12:13AM (#37883924)

    This is going to enable so many nifty things.... Why by $400 thin clients when you can get on of these? Why replace you tv with an Internet enabled on when you can add one of these?

    At $25, it may enable families in the developing world to own their own computer, or be the difference between internet access in schools or not.

    I really hope this allows FOSS to release itself from winter hardware, and bring some hardware deversity into play, a true powerful, low cost, open platform.

    Internet kiosks will be able to be put in unsecured enviornments and public areas... After all, it is only at most going to cost $25 if it gets trashed...

    I say BRING IT ON!!!

  • by hairyfeet ( 841228 ) <> on Sunday October 30, 2011 @01:15AM (#37884190) Journal

    Exactly. What this will be good for is third world applications like information kiosks and schools, basically allowing anyone anywhere to be able to do basics like web browsing, document creation etc and I'm sure being Linux based it won't be long before plenty of educational apps are ported to it.

    While most of us in the west probably wouldn't care for surfing on this thing (hell the hand me downs i gave to my nephews were dual core Pentiums with 2Gb of RAM) we have to remember that our own computer revolution started with computers like the VIC 20, which this thing is a supercomputer by comparison. I bet its incredibly miserly when it comes to power consumption as well, which will be a boon in places where power isn't guaranteed 24/7.

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