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Debian Upgrades Linux

Debian Wheezy To Have Multi-Architecture Support 135

dkd903 writes "Debian has announced they are introducing support for multiarch in Debian Wheezy. Multiarch support means a Debian system will be able to install and run applications built for a different target system."
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Debian Wheezy To Have Multi-Architecture Support

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  • by jimicus ( 737525 ) on Thursday July 28, 2011 @05:47PM (#36914218)

    (Disclaimer: I actually rather like Debian, even if the likes of Ubuntu have made it unfashionable)

    Knowing the good people behind Debian, it'll be an absurdly over-engineered solution that will only be supported by software in the Debian repository. And it'll be rather poorly documented so figuring out exactly how it's been done will be an exercise in frustration. But once you've figured it out - and provided you're only using packages in the repository - it'll be beautifully elegant and work so nicely you'll wonder why nothing else works the same way.

  • Disney (Score:3, Insightful)

    by bill_mcgonigle ( 4333 ) * on Thursday July 28, 2011 @11:19PM (#36917330) Homepage Journal

    After all Disney has done for cultural freedom, it's nice to see Debian is still honoring their properties with its OS names.

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