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Fedora 16 Will Number UIDs From 1000 124

dotancohen writes "Sharing users between Fedora and Debian-based distros just got a little easier. Beginning with Fedora 16, the Red-Hat based distro will number its human user UIDs starting from 1000, as opposed to the old 500. Though this change is intended to facilitate interoperability with other distros, it risks breaking backward compatibility with older Fedora releases including the newly released Fedora 15."
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Fedora 16 Will Number UIDs From 1000

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  • by bryan1945 ( 301828 ) on Wednesday May 25, 2011 @12:24PM (#36240112) Journal

    Just be happy they didn't decide to go on multiples of pi.

  • by discord5 ( 798235 ) on Wednesday May 25, 2011 @02:35PM (#36242054)

    Since it only takes about 30 minutes to set up network wide single signon with LDAP and kerberos

    Ah yes, I remember this particular book: "Setting up LDAP in 30 minutes". You'd expect it to be a technical manual, but it's actually a novella about a sysadmin who set up LDAP in 15 minutes. Driven by his passion for a single sign on solution and pressed for time he did a quick setup, and things were great. That is until he was supposed to link those userids back to e-mail accounts for the e-mail server, which coincidentally didn't support his particular LDAP layout.

    "It's okay," he spoke, "I've still got 15 minutes to spare. In that time I'm sure I can read the manpages for sendmail, qmail and postfix and still have time to stroke my manly beard.".

    And thus he read the manpages, setup his particular mailserver of choice properly, and stroked his manly beard. Now that every user could connect with SSH to the servers they needed to be on, mail was being delivered, and the manly beard was stroked his manager approached him.

    "Hey, I was trying to access www.testyourmanagementskills.com, but I get this weird error saying Access Denied. I think the Internets are broken, I've never been denied access to the Internets before. Could you come have a look?"
    "Sure thing, I'll be with you in a sec.", the sysadmin answered still enjoying the rough sensation of stroking his manly beard.

    Sure enough, the squid proxy server was not configured yet to authenticate through the LDAP server and was now broken. "I'll be right back," the sysadmin told his manager, "I have to fix the internets". And sure enough, once the sysadmin had dug through the manpages of his clustered setup of squid proxy servers a few hours later everything was up and running smoothly except for those few glitches, but the url for testyourmanagementskills.com passed through the proxy logs so the most important part was taken care of.

    "Time to stroke my manly beard again", the sysadmin thought, but before he had the chance to grab for his manly attribute he was quickly interrupted by the secretary who was trying to update the intranet. "I think the intranets are broken too," she complained in a nagging voice, "I was trying to upload pictures of kittens to improve the mood now that half of the IT stuff isn't working, but if the intranets are down I can't do that. FIX MY KITTENS!". Sure enough, the apache server running the intranet site hadn't loaded mod_ldap, hadn't set up in any other way than ye olde htpasswd password files, and sure enough some of the applications on the intranet site needed to be reprogrammed as well to handle the new and improved magnificent single sign on. Luckily for him the mod_ldap page explained pretty well what needed to be changed, so after a quick lunchbreak the apache server was up and running again (except for a few nasty PHP errors, but the kittens were back on the intranets, so who cares?)

    "You know, " spoke the accountant, "I've got to hand it to you. You managed to fix a lot of stuff today that broke all of a sudden, but I still can't access the accounting excel sheets. I need to update the invoices and I just can't seem to do that.". Sure enough, the samba server hosting the accounting files wasn't configured for LDAP either. The sysadmin quickly went to work, and grabbed the samba documentation, and that is where the real problem began. You see, gentle reader, the documentation for samba isn't just a 3 page document saying "put this here, this here, and that there, and then /etc/init.d/smb restart" but a hefty document gently introducing you into the world of "domain controllers" and "shares" and the various quircks and oddities, such things as WINS servers and all that fun jazz. Oh, the original setup was never anything complicated, but a good LDAP setup for samba (or rather a good samba setup for LDAP) requires a bit of planning and care especially if you have a lot of users.

    After reading through the various manuals and the small hand

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