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Fedora 15 Released 171

halfline writes "Fedora 15 was released today. It features GNOME 3 (with its substantially redone UI) and the systemd init system by default." The release also brings the latest KDE and XFCE versions, improved Btrfs support, amd a switch from OpenOffice.org to LibreOffice. Installation images are available from the usual sources.
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Fedora 15 Released

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    CentOS 6 was still not released today (big surprise)

    • CentOS 6 should start pushing out to the public mirrors early next month [centos.org].

      The QA team should have had the trees for about a week already, and would be receiving the ISO images for QA later this week.

      Hope this helps.

  • "Btrfs" (Score:3, Funny)

    by MrEricSir ( 398214 ) on Tuesday May 24, 2011 @03:38PM (#36231554) Homepage

    The last time I heard "Btrfs" was from right behind me, after eating too many beans.

    • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward

      If your asshole is capable of making a "t" sound, I suggest you see a proctologist immediately.

      • by clem ( 5683 )

        It's a brave proctologist who probes those depths. Making a "t" sound requires teeth.

        • Not teeth, a pallet.

          Try saying "This tricky tricycle is trippy" and pay attention to where your tongue goes. If you use your teeth for anything except the "th" in "this", then you have a strange accent or you may consider seeking out a speech therapist.

        • ...or to be laying in a bathful of water when you fart.


  • Torrent (Score:5, Informative)

    by kai_hiwatari ( 1642285 ) on Tuesday May 24, 2011 @03:40PM (#36231590) Homepage Journal
    The direct download was quite slow for me. Torrent was faster for me. http://torrent.fedoraproject.org/ [fedoraproject.org]
    • by drb226 ( 1938360 )
      In my experience, new releases of large FOSS projects are always very fast to torrent.
      • Re:Torrent (Score:4, Funny)

        by Homburg ( 213427 ) on Tuesday May 24, 2011 @05:03PM (#36232522) Homepage

        Well of course. As you can see by reading Slashdot, all of us use torrents only for seeding Linux distributions, and nothing else.

        • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

          by drb226 ( 1938360 )
          Don't forget the many^H^H^H^H CC-licensed movies/TV shows, such as Pioneer 1 [wikipedia.org].
        • Strangely enough, in my case, that's true, though not because I haven't tried to download anything else. I haven't yet found a torrent site that had a user interface that even came close to working on my Linux box. They all have tons of Javascript cruft on them that I don't want to run and obscure the URL for the torrent.

          • demonoid is good, if you get lucky or someone is willing to extend you an invitation. No porn is allowed, which is (IMO) a good thing.

            There's a lot of the usual stuff, but there's also tons of things that /are/ legitimate. I myself seed 5 or so torrents with the author's permission.

  • is there a option to update over the Internet yet? switch away from fedora because it was a pain to download a new dvd every 6 months to update versions.
    • by Anonymous Coward

      yum install preupgrade

      Posted from an F14 box that's been preupgraded since F11. My laptop at home was F13-F14-F15alpha-F15.

      Its been there for a while.

      • +1 Informative. Thanks for the info -- I've been using Red Hat since it was called 5.2 (before Fedora Core existed) and somehow missed this option.
      • by S.O.B. ( 136083 )

        I'm like you. I think the only time since F8 that I reinstalled was when I switched from i686 to x86_64.

        Although, I did give the CD upgrade a shot, after backing up of course. The install had an embolism part way through and left me with an unbootable system. I knew it wouldn't work but I just had to see what it would do.

    • is there a option to update over the Internet yet?

      Yes, you can do an online upgrade. I haven't tried it though.

    • Install the pre-release package and then do

      yum upgrade

      Or load the new product keys into your rpm database yourself, reset your yum repo lists manually to the next release version, and execute the above command.

      Usually this requires a small number of package deletions and reinstalls after the upgrade, but some work systems have been upgraded since FC1 without needing to do a new fresh install. In most cases, you can even do them live now and reboot when you're done. Occasionally you need to restart a service

  • I really really love the UI of the Fedora 14 GUI and of Windows 2000(much of XP), I really really hate Windows Vista/7, and I'm mostly ambivalent when it comes to the OSX philosophy. The question is, am I going to hate the new Gnome 3 look and feel, or what?

    • by Picass0 ( 147474 )

      Gnome 3 almost looks like it's been optimized to be a tablet environment. I'll play with the new Gnome, but I'll have to be really impressed to switch away from KDE.

      • Exactly my impression to, I think it would be great for tablets.

        But for desktop not so much, it feels like a mouse marathon back and forth over the wide-screen monitor to launch applications, switching desktops etc.


    • by schwep ( 173358 )

      I tried Gnome 3 with a pretty open mind (I also liked Gnome 2 interface), and couldn't cope with it. I was not able to configure anything of value to me. Despite being a Fedora contributor (just 1 package), I dumped F15 for Scientific Linux 6.

      Gnome 3 would be really cool on a tablet, just not a desktop where you actually do work. In fairness, I was unable to switch to either of the other window managers (KDE, etc.).

      I liked the rest of Fedora 15 because it worked well on my laptop (hardware support-wise). I

      • Out of curiosity, what made you unable to switch to the other window managers? by most accounts kde is very accessible (in both kde and gnome I mainly use alt-f2 to load things so it makes no difference).

        Just seems odd to switch a whole distro because one desktop manager changed.

      • ok, that has to be either worst joke ever or lame attempt at trying to post serious troll comment.

        if anything... shell is abso-fucking-most configurable desktop ever. you can extend/change abso-fucking-lutely everything with simple javascript. granted, since g3 was just released, not many extensions are present yet and gnome-shell by it self is not really feature rich environment and neither was any other desktop when they switched release. moving from gnome 1 to 2 was especially terrible. old and new gtk w

      • XFCE wouldn't work for you?
    • by ADRA ( 37398 )

      Self-answering my own question, I tried the distro in VirtualBox, so immediate impressions:

      1. It crashed doing somewhat simple tasks (VM acceleration conflicts between NV driver, VBOX, Gnome3? I dunno, but it was annoying)
      2. The title bars are retarded wastes of space, and I hate the monochromatic ways that title bars no longer stand out.
      3. The navigation really does look geared toward tablets and not desktop computers... where is my Linux DESKTOP.... *sigh*
      4. I really really hate the IOS check box style..

  • Might be interesting to see how systemd will work out in something other than Arch and Debian (unstable).

  • Gnome 3 Shell (Score:5, Insightful)

    by HRbnjR ( 12398 ) <chris@hubick.com> on Tuesday May 24, 2011 @04:00PM (#36231826) Homepage

    After half an hour with the Gnome 3 Shell I *really* want my old desktop back :(

    My initial impression is that all fundamental tasks, like launching apps, switching apps, switching desktops, etc, all take far more motions and/or clicks to accomplish than before. It appears as though all my app launchers have been pulled from their organized menus and dumped in a big messy pile I have to search through. And it doesn't look like I can customize the layout like I could before.

    Maybe it will grow on me, maybe I will learn and adapt (I'm trying to give the Gnome dev's the benefit of the doubt here), but as it stands after my initial half an hour, I *hate* it, and I don't think I'm going to be nearly alone?

    • by Anonymous Coward

      Nope, I did as well. Trick is to stick it in fallback mode (via system settings->system info). That'll give you the familiar Gnome panels, albeit in black and without the ability to customize found in the Gnome 2.* series.

    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by macemoneta ( 154740 )

      I've been running F15 since the beta. It took a couple of days to acclimate to gnome-shell. I used to run Gnome2+Compiz+AWM, so it's a considerable change. Even so, I'm quite comfortable with it now and have no intention of switching back.

    • So as one who is fairly chaotic about app install, I never liked/used menus anyway, so pressing Meta, then starting to type what I want is natural. It's a fancier run dialog for me in essence.

      My problem is I'm similarly chaotic about opening many windows, many tabs, many applications. Compiz and KDE4 has it just right, I can search and it will remove from the scaled window display any windows that do not match the search string. KDE and Windows 7 offers a weaker, but distinctly useful alternative of prev

    • I agree that it is confusing. I been running a F15 release candidate for the last month or so. There are some features of Gnome3 that have to go away and will as soon as I have some spare time to dig into it. I must point out that Gnome3 is the lesser of two evils. I began using Redhat back in the mid-90s. When Ubuntu released Dapper I switched my working desktop to it because of the reduced admin effort. My current desktop is Lucid.

      About 2 months ago I heard Ubuntu was moving away from Gnome and downlo

    • by Pecisk ( 688001 )

      Well, maybe you missed 'Applications' tab in Activities field, because it's all categories are available. Afaik old way of editing gnome-menu should work too.

    • heh, if this is not customizable then i don't know what is;) i can only imagine what everything people will think of for extensions.

      http://www.webupd8.org/search/label/gnome%20shell?max-results=10 [webupd8.org]
      http://blog.fpmurphy.com/ [fpmurphy.com]

    • by Jim Hall ( 2985 )

      I experimented with the Beta, and I like the usability in Gnome Shell. I find it very natural. Yes, you have to "let go" of some things you learned on Gnome 2, but you need to "let go" of certain concepts whenever you switch from Windows to Linux, or Windows to Mac, or Mac to Linux. One feature that hooked me was how open windows (your "activities") are represented. It's sort of like MacOSX's Espose, move your mouse to "Activities", and it shows everything. From there, you can also open new "activities" (pr

    • Try to learn the keyboard shortcuts (Windows, Alt+Tab/Alt+`, searching to launch apps... etc.). It makes the experience much better than the other desktops I've tried. Also, check out some of the fantastic GNOME Shell extensions that have been released on the internet. There's a places/device menu extension icons on the top panel, a less slide-y message tray, etc. To tell you the truth, though, I don't use GNOME 3 with any extensions at all; it works that well for me. Read the documentation, approach it wit

    • by thaig ( 415462 )

      XFCE is quite a good alternative now - just install it and the option will appear in your login menu. YMMV but I found it to be a happy enough home.

      • by Yenya ( 12004 )

        Same here. After almost 10 years with GNOME, I have migrated to XFCE for F15.

        For former GNOME-2 user, XFCE provides almost the same experience: it is based on GTK, and their Terminal even is based on the same widget as gnome-terminal. I have kept my window-manager (sawfish), so the user interface is almost the same.

        Unfortunately, in F15 the Galeon browser is no longer provided, so I had to migrate to Firefox, which is my biggest change in F15 from the UI standpoint. I will miss Galeon's smart bookmarks.


    • there are so many things I can no longer do with gnome3

      - create a launcher on my desktop that has a complex command
      - park a link to something on my desktop that I want to review later
      - group launchers (ie drawer) for easy click access
      - monitor system usage (ie applets)
      - ALT-F2 a program (try gnome-ter ...it does not know the program exists)

      Many have stated the idea that it's easier to meta-key and search. Well, the program names change both for the actual executable as well as the friendly-name (eg Pidgin)

  • by hey ( 83763 ) on Tuesday May 24, 2011 @04:07PM (#36231898) Journal

    ...I like it. The faster .drpm alone is worth it.

  • First of all, I installed Fedora 15 alpha/beta because I wanted to try GNOME Shell in production. If you have tried Ubuntu GNOME 3 team PPA, you'll know what I mean. It is also a problem because Ubuntu 11.04 lacks lot of depencies necessary for smooth sail (like NM 0.89/0.9 beta).

    Nevertheless, I'm quite familiar with all kind of distros (10 years on Linux Desktop...ohh...it is that long already?), so Fedora isn't something new for me. It was also interesting to see what have changed over the years.

    First of

  • Why are all main stream distribution still only release their live/install media in CD/DVD image file? Why not USB? The only distro that I know of offers that is Arch. I have at least two laptop that doesn't have an optical drive. Yes, I can use UNetbootin to make one, but in this day and age, why not just offer an image? Why are we still burning onto write-once media (few, if any, use cd-rw for this purpose?) like cdr/dvdr that become obsolete when a new version comes out and are really toxic to the dum

    • by bfields ( 66644 )

      Look over to the right of the download page. Note where it says "To install Fedora using a USB stick, follow these instructions."

      (Also note the command line version of the instructions amount to just dd'ing your choice of iso images onto a usb stick.)

  • Just upgraded my laptop from F14 - F15 with preupgrade. It all went very well.

    Congrats everyone!

    I've been playing around with gnome-3 for about an hour and I'm getting the hang of it. It's definitely different and is certainly cool. I miss is my cute little applets especially power, network and system load. Are they gone from gnome-3?

    Also I'd like to change the pure white text on black theme of the bar thingy at the top of the screen.

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