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Red Hat Stops Shipping Kernel Changes as Patches 184

mvar writes to point out a report from h-online about the Red Hat kernel source controversy. From the article: "Red Hat has changed the way it ships the source code for the Linux kernel. Previously, it was released as a standard kernel with a collection of patches which could be applied to create the source code of the kernel Red Hat used. Now though, the company ships a tarball of the source code with the patches already applied. This change, noted by Maxillian Attems and LWN.net, appears to be aimed at Oracle, who like others, repackage Red Hat's source as the basis for its Unbreakable Linux. Although targeted at Oracle, the changes will make work harder for distributions such as CentOS."
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Red Hat Stops Shipping Kernel Changes as Patches

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  • Good for them (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday March 04, 2011 @12:52PM (#35380748)

    Screw those asshats at oracle who have the nerve to package up rhel and call it their own. Even worse their idiot sales reps go around promoting it as the only thing that will run their db. All they contribute to open source is FUD.

  • by Celarent Darii ( 1561999 ) on Friday March 04, 2011 @04:57PM (#35383814)
    Not long ago Apple released the source for Safari as one big repository. The Konqueror people complained that they couldn't apply the changes. Apple seen as an enemy of opensource, yet the source is still available on the net.

    How is this situation different? Can someone enlighten me?

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