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Jolicloud 1.0 Has an HTML5 UI 99

kai_hiwatari writes "Jolicloud 1.0, a Linux based OS for netbooks, was launched a few days back. In this new release, the developers have completely replaced the old interface based on Ubuntu Netbook Remix in favor of a new one based on HTML5. Jolicloud 1.0 also features a new syncing feature using which you can sync installed applications across all your systems running on Jolicloud. Other interesting features includes new app center, social stream, etc."
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Jolicloud 1.0 Has an HTML5 UI

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  • having tried... (Score:3, Insightful)

    by mewshi_nya ( 1394329 ) on Saturday July 17, 2010 @08:33PM (#32940156)

    having tried jolicloud beta, I wholeheartedly look forward to the finished product. The UNR-based GUI was nice, but if i wanted UNR, I'd freakin' run UNR on it.

  • by Aladrin ( 926209 ) on Saturday July 17, 2010 @09:22PM (#32940350)

    You can't really call it 'launched' when only select people have it. You can't DL it yet (it's still the pre-release available for DL) and if you already have it, you have to wait for them to allow you to upgrade.

    It's not launched. It's in preview.

  • Looks promising (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Great Big Bird ( 1751616 ) on Sunday July 18, 2010 @01:23AM (#32941092)
    Based on the video, it looks like it has potential. But there are many things that are just a poor user interface. An example would be the speed that it takes to start up. GIMP just looks out of place. Note that I am comparing this to an iPad – and for good reason – this resembles the same target market to me.
  • Re:HTML 5 Apps (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Nursie ( 632944 ) on Sunday July 18, 2010 @01:54AM (#32941170)

    It doesn't matter too much to me whether it's java that's slow or if it's that 90% of java developers suck. The end result is the same, a lot of people will deliberately avoid using it. Hell, if 90% of java developers suck badly enough to make slow, bad programs then perhaps that's a flaw in the JVM/Java too.

    Probably not though, it's likely more reflective of Java being the default language these days.

    Oh, and FYI, websites cause browsers to fault relatively frequently, unfortunately, because you can't avoid having native code *somewhere*, and browsers are not written perfectly.

  • Bravo (Score:1, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday July 18, 2010 @06:14AM (#32941684)

    One of the smartest comments on this topic i have seen for a while now.

    I've seen some awesome applications written in Java, Flash, and HTML5.

    You can't blame a language for awful applications written in them, it is the awful developers who throw around hacks, broken and messy, completely unoptimized code who are to blame.
    And they aren't the only ones to blame either, STANDARDS are to blame as well. Some standards are pretentiously over-complex for the sake of readability, or "super cool new coding" standards.*
    In the case of JavaScript? HELL NO. Compress that thing and keep an uncompressed version, with a link to it in the source at the top if an outside person wants to view it. (if you want them to)

    This is a whole new platform just starting off. Forget HTML4 (even if there was some decent applications for that), HTML5, new JS extensions and CSS3 are years worth of changes, still changing at that.
    Websockets, offline support, JS workers, transforms, semantic web (no more DIVs, YAY), countless other things.

    The only problem we have to suffer is Microsoft, and some small disagreements with the people behind the standards and browsers.

    *An example being the stupid hatred for things like GOTO.
    So many people use GOTOs without them even realising it, like when it is disguised as another command for a special cases like BREAKs and CONTINUEs inside loops, exit statements, errors, several others.
    So many people waste time making awful chains of IF statements that could easily be condensed just by using GOTO. (there was an example on here back when one game from Humble Indie Bundles sources were looked at, hell, Linus himself defended his use of GOTO in the Kernel pretty well too)
    I've seen people with outright hatred for GOTOs despite the fact that the very computer they were using uses more GOTOs in a second than they have probably had hot dinners in their life.
    GOTO is not evil, GOTO is just used for stupid reasons most of the time by sub-standard developers.

  • by icebraining ( 1313345 ) on Sunday July 18, 2010 @09:54AM (#32942406) Homepage

    Why is a web interface better?

    They're *not* richer, nor they can possibly be: all the web interfaces are drawn by desktop apps, called browsers! Any restriction that affect desktop GUIs also invariably affect web GUIs.

    The opposite happens: slim, fast desktop GUIs have to be transformed into a mess of HTML+CSS+JS which are much less efficient. Nothing is faster than a simple ncurses GUI, which is more than enough for most of my apps (IM, email, network manager, text editor, etc).

    I prefer normal servers, allowing me to use a nice, slim desktop app in my computer, and a web GUI on other PCs. Like email: IMAP for most uses, webmail for the occasional external access.

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