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OSCON 2008 Roundup 182

An anonymous reader writes "Infoweek wraps last week's event with Inside The OSCON 2008 Conference, which pulls together interviews with Mark Shuttleworth, Linux Foundation's Jim Zemlin, MySQL's Zach Urlocker and Sam Ramji, who directs Microsoft's Open Source Lab. Best quotes: 'We will make a significant attempt to elevate the Linux desktop to the point where it is as good or better than Apple,' from Shuttleworth; and 'If I would start a business tomorrow I'd do it in the netbook marketplace. I'd build a dead-simple $200 device that targets sports fans, women over forty,' from Zemlin." We discussed Shuttleworth's better-than-Apple proposition while OSCON was going on. Update Jamie noted this OSCON Summary Video that might also be worth your time.
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OSCON 2008 Roundup

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  • As an Apple user let me say both "Hooray" and "Finally!!" I can hardly wait :)
  • I think the bigger issue with Linux isn't the UI consisting of the widgets on the screen. I think it's the UI related to how software is installed and updated. For instance, which of the three installation methods would the general public most readily accept:

    1. Click and installer, then go through a wizard clicking "Next" on each screen just to get things to finish
    2. Drag an icon from one place to another
    3. Type strange commands into a text box

    I know I've simplified these things, but by and large, the installation

    • I don't think installers are the problem at all. The add/remove applications in Ubuntu blows away OS X and Windows with ease of use. I can't think of something that would be faster or more user friendly.

      If anything, the application manager is the killer app (for Ubuntu at least). No, what's holding Linux back is the lack of certain "must have" applications. The biggies to me are iTunes (and iTunes store), and lack of professional-grade design software. I, for one, would switch from Mac to Linux if I could
    • You don't install linux programs by typing strange commands into a text box. That's optional for those that aren't as visual and want to fine tune what is happening.

      Most linux programs are installed via a program called synaptic. You load it, find the program, mark it, and click Apply. It finds everything it needs for you and does the install.

      Another option is to download the .rpm or .deb file and double click on that. Let it happen.

      It is nearly never required to type commands into a text box these days

  • Someone called Zemlin seems to be a complete and utter idiot.

    Women over 40 in fact constitute over 1/4 of the developed world adult population. That's not a targeted audience. In fact, I suspect that, as they have had significant life experience so far, it is a much more varied market than women under 40. Which shows that he doesn't understand what is meant by targeted marketing.

    As an example, I've just ordered a MSI Wind with XP - why? Because the main reason for it is to work with my 3G HSDPA modem, that'

  • The last time I attempted to use iTunes was an unmitigated disaster. I'm pretty sure we are already beating apple. I never have problems like that in Rhythmbox. TVtime needs a lot of work though....

  • There absolutely is nothing even remotely resembling Open Source going in any Microsoft entity, subsidiary, or within Microsoft itself. Open Source was defined 10 years ago and Microsoft's efforts in no way even remotely resemble that definition.

    Microsoft is trying to Embrace Open Source, to Extend it their direction, and then Extinguish it by making the real Open Source obscure and arcane.

    We are smarter than this people. We do not want Microsoft involved in Open Source at any level for any reason, period

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