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Mandriva Linux 2006 Released 190

mhrivnak writes "Today, Mandriva Linux 2006 was released to Club members, and the tree will be publicly available on October 13. New features include the Kat Desktop Search Environment, an interactive firewall, and enhanced wifi support with Mandriva being the only Linux distribution certified for Centrino hardware. The integration of technology from Conectiva and Lycoris has led to improved installation (in 40+ languages), better package management, and quicker boot time."
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Mandriva Linux 2006 Released

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  • by ReformedExCon ( 897248 ) <> on Friday October 07, 2005 @05:25AM (#13737908)
    After all, it is just Linux, so it should be covered by the GPL. Any "club members" who want to can upload a torrent.

    Or is there some aspects of the system that aren't GPL and can't be uploaded?
    • by Anonymous Coward
      Dont understand this certified shit. Dont they use the same kernel as everybody else or the they have special modules made from intel??
      • Certifications usually cost money. No money == no certification.
      • by arivanov ( 12034 ) on Friday October 07, 2005 @08:50AM (#13738533) Homepage
        Intel will not allow you to use Centrino BRANDING if you cannot deliver the battery life and WiFi features promissed by Intel Marketing in the Centrino marketing campaign shots. This essentially means that you cannot mention the name Centrino in any of your promotional literature, adverts and compliance statements.

        In order to comply with this spec (and use the name)you must have a system that is capable to use runtime frequency alteration and do it effectively enough to deliver the battery life promissed for an average load. No linux kernel prior to 2.6.7 can do it. 2.6.9-2.6.11 with a correctly configured cpufreqd gets close, but not quite enough. If you want to really do it you need to have the on-demand CPUfreq kernel policy manager working. Which means IIRC 2.6.12+ or a heavy dose of backported patches. Further to that you have to have Intel wifi drivers and improvements to the 802.11 stack which are not mainline kernel yet.

        There are also a few other conditions, but these are the important ones.

        Frankly, the only reason to get through all this idiocy is if there is a laptop manufacturer there waiting to start shipping Linux as an option on their laptops. Wonder who this is...

    • by Anonymous Coward
      The images available to silver and above members contain proprietary programs like Sun's Java, drivers, Flash and other Adobe Acrobats, which are free as beer but not as speech, and cannot be legally redistributed.
      So it is legal to redistribute the first 4 CDs, but not the whole shebang.

      I guess the distributions that get away with 'freely' distributing those are simply low-profile enough to not fear the lawyers (and yes, PCLinux OS or Buffalo Linux for example are low-profile, commercially speaking).
      • I can't imagine why Sun, Realmedia or Adobe would care enough to send lawyers after people "pirating" Java, Flashplayer or Adobe Reader,
        since all this applications are available for free download anyway.
      • Ohh, you mean like on my Gentoo install I just can't "emerge nvidia-kernel" for free but have to pay to get the same as on Mancrap? No thanks, sparky. I'll never understand Mandrake-Mandrivel's approach to this issue. I used to be a Silver Club member when they were on the brink of fiscal death, and I thought that I would reap some benefit from it, but alas I could get the same everywhere else. I think this is just a scheme to pimp money from the users. Your OP's may vary, but mine don't.
    • by timbo234 ( 833667 ) on Friday October 07, 2005 @06:21AM (#13738028) Journal
      Or is there some aspects of the system that aren't GPL and can't be uploaded?

      Yep. The powerpack versions (either the full DVD or 7 CD set) contain closed-source software and aren't redistrutable. The 4CD version (1 more than the publicly available download version) that's available to the lowest level of club membership should be alright though.

      As always with Mandrake all the software available in the powerpack, except the closed-source stuff, and more is available through the mirrors listed at []
      • by imr ( 106517 ) on Friday October 07, 2005 @06:53AM (#13738124)
        The CDs available to standard club membres now countains the proprietary drivers. It's not equivalent to the download edition that should hit the mirrors in 2 weeks.
        The standard members complained that they didnt get much for their 60$/ and have been listened to.
  • Yawn... (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    This time of morning... if it doesn't make coffee, I don't want to know about it.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday October 07, 2005 @05:26AM (#13737912)
    It's not even 2006 and Linux is already there.
    • I never understood why cars are like that...
    • :Sighs: (Score:1, Funny)

      by TubeSteak ( 669689 )
      Its GNU/Linux dammit


      :Starts tearing out his hair:

      I've spelled it out for you, but there's going to be several hundred posts that only say "Linux"

      :Stallman starts pounding his head against a wall, hoping everyone else will follow along:
      G......N......U....../......L......I...... N......U......X

      • What did you say? Linux?
      • Re::Sighs: (Score:3, Insightful)

        by jellomizer ( 103300 ) *
        But is everything part of this distribution GNU? Or does it have apache?

        RMS is actually quite wrong about it. He just want to gain attention by saying it should be called GNU/Linux Linux is the kernel the Operating system is actually different from each version. I think in order to have an Operating System called GNU Linux all the parts need to be GNU not just some of the parts. RMS needs an other hobbie something that will help him release some of the stress in his life, maybe he should take voice lesso
        • Re::Sighs: (Score:4, Insightful)

          by Nasarius ( 593729 ) on Friday October 07, 2005 @08:12AM (#13738350)
          No no no. The operating system is more than just the kernel, but it does not encompass everything in the distro. In particular, glibc is a crucial part of the OS. That said, "Linux" has come to mean any Linux-based OS, so RMS will just have to deal.
          • Re::Sighs: (Score:3, Insightful)

            by synthespian ( 563437 )
            The operating system is more than just the kernel

            The funny thing is Andrew Tanenbaum doesn't agree with you (or Stallman).
          • "so RMS will just have to deal"

            RMS will just have to sit in their lobby for a few days scaring off customers and vendors reps with his stinky beard and fly-eating ways.

            Then they will cave in, you watch
  • by HawkingMattress ( 588824 ) on Friday October 07, 2005 @05:32AM (#13737931)
    Knock knock, can i enter ?
    I'm sorry sir, but i've been charged to disallow any bad guy to enter this particular port 25.
    Uh bad news, but i have a very important message to send my grandma, and couldn't find any open relay to send it to her. it's a matter of life and death.
    mmmmmm i see, since i'm not in a bad mood i'll let you pass this time but %@dùù%ù^$
    Broadcast message from root (pts/6) :
    The system is going down for system halt NOW!
  • by deno ( 814 ) on Friday October 07, 2005 @05:39AM (#13737950) Homepage
    I'm currently downloading the M2006, and I wonder how will it work with SP8000 mini-ITX motherboard.

    It took me a while to decide upon actually buying such a slow system, but I presume it will be fast enough for a job at hand, which is: "quietly sit in my living room, act as a web, DynDNS, login and file server for my local network, and do the multimedia stuff when needed (mp3, TV, DVDs and DivX).

    The problem is that VIA doesn't really play nicely with Linux, and one had to do quite a lot of work on his own in the past before getting a reasonably well working system. Wonder how much work has been done in this direction (if any) by Mandriva folks since 2005LE?
    • The problem is that VIA doesn't really play nicely with Linux, and one had to do quite a lot of work on his own in the past before getting a reasonably well working system.

      Conversely, how much work have the VIA guys done?
      It's their responsibility to write, or pay someone to write, their drivers. If you find them either non-existant or lacking, vote with your dollars.

      Yes, this isn't an answer to your question, and no, I don't have one. Just making a point, hope you don't mind.
      • by imr ( 106517 ) on Friday October 07, 2005 @07:08AM (#13738160)
        Well, there is a lot done by via toward linux and open source.
        More than other at least.

        There are drivers that are released, some are even free and concern their graphic adapters.
        I think this is part of one of their strategy which is to take a big part of the asian market where there is a demand for low cost low end solutions.
        They are also very interrested in low energy solutions for the same reasons.

        I kinda think they are wiser than some other who rely on selling high end more power hungry closed solutions in a world where oil price and therefore electricity prices are going to rise.

        I go weekly there: []
        to find infos about this very interresting company. They even have tutorials for installing their new drivers on Mandriva and Fedora over there.

        Nope, I don't have shares or anything.
    • Are you THE deno from mandrake's club of old days?
    • I've never tried it, but Beatrix linux [] claims to be originally optimized for Via mini-itx mobos/cpus.
    • Huh? Doesn't play nicely how? I'm using VIA PD10000's for linux firewalls all over the place where I work (including as branch office IPSec gateways). They work flawlessly. Granted, that isn't desktop use (no video), but for what I am using them for they can't be beat. And this is on basically a stock Redhat 8 distro.
    • The problem is that VIA doesn't really play nicely with Linux,

      They play a lot better than most I've seen. Helpful on the driver side as I understand, and I was pleasantly surprised to see source linux drivers on the CD with my last via board. And if your board has hardware mpeg2 they produce a modified xine to utilize them, and it's on sourceforge [].

    • Install went fine (Score:3, Interesting)

      by deno ( 814 )
      Installing the ML 2006 on this MB is quite eventless. It works. Watching DVDs works fine (i.e. it`s not too slow for this task) out of the box. Haven't tried the divX yet. No idea how much faster the SP8000 will be when I re-compile the Xorg, but "out of the box" the 3D stuff is deadly slow.

      I added the plf and contrib as urpmi sources, and installed the pre-copiled ivtv and myth* rpms. Also seems to work OK, but m still missing the fb device associated with PVR350. Now I'm stuck on trying to get a frequenci
  • Its too soon. (Score:2, Insightful)

    Its too soon. This version of Mandriva still has Mozilla FireFox 1.0.6, with backported patches. I would have waited until Christmas. I would have waited to refine some more. I think they moved too fast on this. I think that major work should have been done on Heimdal Kerberos Support. Because better LDAP backend support for Kerberos is critical to doing thinngs like Linux's "Almost but not quite" Active Directory.
    • This version of Mandriva still has Mozilla FireFox 1.0.6, with backported patches.

      Which is exactly the same as having 1.0.7 AFAICT. They freeze the version number and backport so they can keep a consistent updates policy.
      • AFAYCT, yes but not to browser exploit writers. 1.06 contains a buffer overflow vulnerability and it should not have been shipped this way in a major distro release with the patched version available for at least 2 weeks now. Like it or not, many Linux users don't pay a lot of attention to security and may not set up automatic updates of their packages once they have 2006 installed. Shame on Mandriva for letting that slide on one of the most important packages in ANY distro these days. For more info see thi []
        • So, you want them to hold up their release for one package out of thousands? If they (or any other distro) followed this strategy, they'd never be able to release anything.
          As someone already stated, Mandriva addresses these security issues with backports. If you can't be bothered to do security updates, then you *deserve* to be hacked.
          • This isn't just one out of thousands, it's one of perhaps a dozen or so that have a greater need than any other to ship without security holes (others might include the kernel, openSSH, samba, cups, bind, sendmail, ...). I guess we have a difference of opinion, but there was a lot of press from the security community given to that firefox vulnerability in late September.
    • Re:Its too soon. (Score:4, Interesting)

      by buchanmilne ( 258619 ) on Friday October 07, 2005 @07:37AM (#13738235) Homepage
      This version of Mandriva still has Mozilla FireFox 1.0.6

      Why are version numbers important? Do you check the version number of every single package you use, and always update it even if it is one point release behind?

      Realise that a distribution has a release schedule, and usually that involves imposing a version freeze, to prevent new bugs creeping into an otherwise well-understood release (with it's known bugs that must still be fixed etc). Regressions have occured in Firefox releases ... so there is no reason Firefox should be exempt (though the Firefox team seems to believe all linux distros should treat Firefox differently to the other 5000 packages they ship).

      I think that major work should have been done on Heimdal Kerberos Support

      So do I, but there are more important issues. And, since we don't build any packages against the heimdal libraries at present ... it's easy enough to provide updated packages for the distro later.

      Because better LDAP backend support for Kerberos is critical to doing thinngs like Linux's "Almost but not quite" Active Directory.

      Well, part of that requires a stable, supported LDAP server, which was one of those more important issues. The OpenLDAP packages we ship are quite decent, and all packages were rebuilt against the new major version, plus we are committed to shipping updates as 2.3.x matures (although most users of 2.3.x seem to find it more stable than 2.2.x already).

      Of course, real "Active Directory" features will come with samba4, which won't be available any time this year.

      So, delaying the release for one aspect would not compare to the commercial comittments Mandriva has to shipping this release in time for stocking shelves ahead of the festive season.

      But, the work in preparation for samba4 will continue, and as always [], packages for older releases will be made available as well.
      • by FullCircle ( 643323 ) on Friday October 07, 2005 @08:33AM (#13738456)
        I agree with the Firefox team.

        Firefox is too much of a high-profile application and web browers are an easily hit target. IMHO, Apache and SSH among others, should be treated similarly. The risk factor is too high not to give them special attention.

        The fact that the team wants everyone to keep Firefox updated is just quality control and looking out for the end user. They may have regressions occasionally, but they are trying and it works more often than not.
        • Firefox is too much of a high-profile application and web browers are an easily hit target.

          And firefox has a lot of issues on Linux, all distributions patch it to work sanely. Porting all those patches, and testing all the features, layout etc on thousands of locales is non-trivial. So, I don't agree it is "easily hit".

          IMHO, Apache and SSH among others, should be treated similarly.

          And, I think samba, openldap, and amarok should be too.

          But, other users will have other favourites.

          So, where do you draw the lin
      • Hi Buchan,

        I've used the LDAP+kerberos at home for a while now, and what I missed the most is some friendly front-end that will simply do the user/group/pass/etc. managment for me with LDAP&kerberus in the back.

        Another thing would be kerberized services, such as IMAP, ssh, NFS...

        Sure, it all can be done, but one year ago it was a general PITA and DYS all the way. Have things changed in a meantime?

        For me it just does not feel right to think that samba will soon be the simplest way to get a secure linux-on
        • Yep ... this is still the issue, but it is something that can probably now be addressed more easily (since OL2.3 and back-config).

          In the end, it just requires someone to write such a tool ...

          I hope to start getting somewhere with something like this ... if I have time.
  • When it comes to a product,

    - that I believe has been tested,

    - is so popular,

    - is expected to improve,

    - has acquired other distros in order to improve,

    - is regarded as one of the simplest distros,

    Mandriva could afford to be more specific especially on boot times. Heck, the developers know how long it takes this new distro to boot. So they could have been more specific.

    • by pterjan ( 740570 ) on Friday October 07, 2005 @06:32AM (#13738061) Homepage
      Err the developpers don't know how much time it will spend to boot on your machine with your set of services activated...
      Some examples on tuxmachines for the RC1 [] vs []

      AMD 2800+, kt400 mb, 512mb 333ddr ram, and a NVIDIA 6800.

              * Boots: 20 seconds
              * KDE: 12 seconds
              * OpenOffice: 4 seconds
              * Mozilla: 3 seconds
              * Shutdown: 15 seconds

      Compared to opensuse on the same machine :

              * Boot up: 26 seconds
              * KDE: 22 seconds
              * OpenOffice: 7 seconds
              * Firefox: 3 seconds (not counting loading the default Novell webpage)
              * Shutdown: 20 seconds
    • I'm not sure if it's simply down to starting less stuff but Mandriva 2006.0 boots much faster than Ubuntu Breezy or OpenSUSE 10 (50 seconds versus over 1 minute 10 seconds) on my machine here (it's a fairly old slow machine). It's is far far faster than Mandriva 2005.0 and currently seems to have some sort of lead here. My hat (Fedora?) goes off to the Mandriva developers for improving (and integrating other's improvements) so much over their previous release in this area (that's not to say that further imp
  • by AnonymousYellowBelly ( 913452 ) on Friday October 07, 2005 @05:46AM (#13737961)
    I really want the source code for the IA software that 'invents' this names for Linux distributions and every little piece of OS/GNU/libre software out there. What comes next?

    - RTFA, an 'HTML' editor?
    - CowboyNeat, a file duplicator?
    - IMHO, a trolling tool for /. posters?

    Just in case some OSS developer reads this post, use the following names for your next text editor: Tlaloc, Escuintle, Vivanderix or Parangaracutirimicuaro. Highly descriptive names, right?
  • What I really want to know is: Will my crappy D-Link Air DWL-520 Wireless Adapter(rev.E) be supported? It uses a Prism2.5 chipset that seems to confuse several distributions, including Ubuntu. I was using Mandrake and then Mandriva with functioning ethernet, but when I dropped my cable internet subscription a few months ago and started piggybacking on the neighbor's wifi, I could no longer use linux to get online. I am not a linux guru, but I can edit config files and such. I tried some 3rd party drivers
    • by Anonymous Coward
      I'd love it to just work out of the box.

      You are barking at the wrong tree. Blame the HW vendors...
    • Not sure if you're trolling of not, but my DWL 520 works out of the box with both Suse 10 RC1 and Knoppix 3.9. If you're for real, try here [] for drivers and help.
    • I had the exact same model and revision number card. I ended up buying a card that's supported without any hassle, but I did at one point get the DWL-520 working. I don't remember the specifics on it, but the card will most likely never work out of the box on any distro, because it requires some firmware from the Windows software. You have to get the firmware from the Windows installer, load the firmware, load the driver, and then it works. It's highly unlikely that that particular revision/chipset of the D
    • Who cares about screenshots? Just link to the general KDE screenshots, all distros that use it look pretty much the same, like a slightly pretier version of Windows 98 with GIGANTIC tooltips for the blind.

      By the way, are there any KDE themes that try to mimic real-world objects? Like how Vista's theme makes it seem like the minimize/maximize/close buttons and items on the task bar have LED lights under them that glow when you move your mouse over them?
  • How does Kat fare against Beagle? I have used Beagle for a while and I find it really nice.

    Has anyone tried Kat?
    • Cats vs. Dogs! Now that's taking a shovel and widening the trench between GNOME and KDE!
    • Re:Kat vs Beagle? (Score:5, Informative)

      by imr ( 106517 ) on Friday October 07, 2005 @07:22AM (#13738189)
      kat is not really ready for primetime. It has been included already as a gesture of faith toward the developper and his solution.
      The mandriva KDE guy is working a lot on this, and they are hosting the site of the developper.
      I expect it will improve and get updated frequently, but tight now, the best solution is to disable it:
      Before login do this in your home directory
      touch ~/.mdv-no_kat
      or for all new users:
      touch /etc/skel/.mdv-no_kat

      Simpler, remove it:
      urpme kat

      Now, that I said that, I think they did the wise thing in choosing kat. Kat is the first brick in what will be tenor, the underlying search engine of KDE4.
      They have to make a move in this direction because google and others are already moving toward it. And if linux is not to be left behind once more, distros need to move now.
      By not choosing beagle, they imply they don't want to go the (patented) mono road. (beagle will still work on a mandriva, one dev wants to have it soon because he doesnt like kat :) ).
      All this is pure speculation on my part.
    • Beagle []:

      Office: 1.0 (SXW, SXC, SXI, and more), 2.0 (ODT, ODP and more), Microsoft Office (DOC, XLS, PPT), AbiWord (ABW), Rich Text Format (RTF)

      Standard: PDF, HTML, Plain text

      Documentation: Texinfo, Man pages, Docbook, Monodoc, Windows help files (CHM), Application launchers

      Multimedia: Images (JPEG, PNG, SVG), Audio (MP3, OGG, FLAC)

      Network: Evolution mail, calendar, and addressbook, Gaim IM and IRC logs, Firefox/Epiphany web pages (as you view them, through browser
      • by Anonymous Coward
        Just a note on Kat's list of supported formats.
        The formats you mentioned are only those for full text extraction. Kat is able to extract metadata information from a lot of non-textual formats such as images, videos, sounds, mp3 and so on.
        Kat uses the standard KDE metadata plugins for that.
  • by Mad_Rain ( 674268 ) on Friday October 07, 2005 @06:22AM (#13738033) Journal
    Mandriva Linux 2006 [...] will be publicly available on October 13.

    Funny, that's also Ubuntu's 5.10 (Breezy Badger) final release date. I wonder - does "Ubuntu vs. Mandriva" sound like a knock-off of a Japanese monster movie to anyone else? Or is this a "friendly" competition between linux distros?
  • (Mentioned in the Release Candidate annoucement [])

    Is this telling us something?
  • Linspire people said they also were centrino certified, the even sell laptops with Linspire on in [].
  • Hell, I had my Official PowerPack DVD and CD's (for my machines w/o DVD's) at the end of September.
    Early seeders advantage I guess. I suppose I need to reseed them on the company OC3
  • by Azureflare ( 645778 ) on Friday October 07, 2005 @07:41AM (#13738244)
    I installed it on my desktop and laptop, and this version of Mandrake/Mandriva is definitely one of the best in a while. Everything just works (wireless setup/installation has become a breeze). If you haven't used Mandriva before, wait until the Discovery shows up on some torrent sites or wait for the public release. It's well worth it. Especially after the Connectiva merger, Mandriva seems to have gained a lot in terms of stability. I don't use KDE all the time so I can't speak to the features, but when I fired it up it looked very nice

    A lot of the artwork has changed to a much more professional look than 2005LE (You will know what I'm talking about if you installed/used 2005LE).

    I'm using the powerpack since I'm a silver club member and I volunteered to be an early seeder so I got it early, and I couldn't be happier. If you want a linux distro that Just Works, try it out some time.

    • by Maqueo ( 766442 )
      Mandrake 9.2 was my first linux distribution, and I have to say, it was the ONLY distribution that supported everyhting out of the box correctly on my laptop (except wifi, but that was quite easy to install). Stuff that still nowadays takes me a good while to get going on another distribution.

      What I really didn't like was Mandrake's logo all over the place, and the rpm installs. Dependencies were a real pain in the ass.

      How's the package handling? I prefer downloading it from the net, as opposed to insta
      • by Azureflare ( 645778 ) on Friday October 07, 2005 @08:16AM (#13738373)
        Yeah, really in the long term downloading from the net is the way to go. After the urpmi mirrors come up, usually a few days from release due to propogation delays, I uncheck all my removable media and use only net sources. It's the only way to go; it's so convenient since the internet is always on.

        Dependencies are really not a problem with urpmi, as long as you stick to official mandrake/mandriva rpms. As soon as you go on pbone or get rpms from other distributions, problems will probably happen.

        Usually if it's not in the mandrake main or contrib repositories (that's pretty rare) then the best option is to either search for a mandrake rpm, look for a .i386.rpm (one that isn't distribution specific) or failing that compiling from the tar file.

        Mandriva isn't for everybody of course, if you've got debian working great then that's the way to go. I really like it because I just don't have to waste time (though debian is pretty awesome, if you know what you're doing).

      • I don't understand what your problem with packages is, Mandk[ake,iva] has dupported installing packages from the net (or a local server, or a local disk) for a while now via the urpmi tools (or the graphical frontends if you are so inclined).

        They work more or less in a similar way to the apt tools of Debian or whateverit'snameis of RedHat (haven't used RH in ages).

        As with any other distribution, it's up to you to setup the sources for your packages though.

        After that, basically you do "urpmi foo" and it inst
    • A lot of the artwork has changed to a much more professional look than 2005LE (You will know what I'm talking about if you installed/used 2005LE).

      Yeah, I do know what you mean. I'm assuming you're refering to that crazy, star-eyed looking penguin that is displayed on boot. Man that's embarrassing. My wife seriously though it was Daffy Duck! So now whem I'm booting my LE2005 install at work, I have people thinking that Daffy Duck is built into my OS?
  • by InodoroPereyra ( 514794 ) on Friday October 07, 2005 @08:49AM (#13738530)
    Allright, I am running it (from the development branch, Cooker, when they froze all checkins).

    If you are planning to run it, you may consider a quick look at: The Mandriva 2006 Twiki Page []. It has links to the Errata Page, Release Notes and the Distro Changelog

    My first impressions:

    • Very Fast. Boots fast (see the link above). It runs very fast, I guess because of the use of gcc4. Very, very responsive.
    • Sexy. Fonts look great, KDE 3.4.2 looks fantastic. It also is very useable, again, mainly because of KDE in my setup. The Mandrake tools are, as always, greatly appreciated, including urpmi. Haven't tried using s.m.a.r.t. yet.
    • No Kat, No ACPI. YMMV, but Kat brings my desktop down ot its knees. It takes way too much CPU usage. I uninstalled it. And there is a know bug (follow the links above) in X org that they will try to fix soon, but the quick workaround is to disable ACPI. Please don't bitch, if you can't live without it (like if you have a laptop), just wait a couple weeks for the fix and then you install
    • OOO 2.0. I am running the Open Office 2.0 from the contributed packages, it runs great, I am really loving it. Point your software manager to the Contrib medium and install (or join the Club and everything will be even easier). There is a nice ooo-kde package to integrate (not perfect yet) with KDE. Sweet.

    Don Inodoro

  • by algae ( 2196 ) on Friday October 07, 2005 @01:17PM (#13740833)

    It seems like Mandriva have put out a fine operating system, but as an admin, it sucks to not have any kind of documentation or bug support. For example, both Debian [] and FreeBSD [] have extensive documentation easily accessable from their web sites. Where's the equivelant for Mandriva? Same goes with bug reporting; I'm not going to track down the links, but it's pretty trivial to submit bug reports for any of Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, even RedHat, but I looked all up and down Mandriva's site and didn't see any kind of bug tracking system, not even a mailto: field.

    So, like I said, as an IT admin, I'm not going to support an OS that isn't going to support me.

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