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The GPL Impedes Linux More Than It Helps? 386

Anonymous Coward writes "Linux ought to be even more successful than it is. On ZDNet, Paul Murphy ponders the reasons why. For one thing: The GPL impedes Linux more than it helps. Licensing issues, coupled with patent and copyright FUD, have caused developers and VCs to think twice before committing to Linux. Murphy also suspects that desktop Linux is stuck on stupid." From the post: "Basically, legal issues, or the threat of legal issues, caused some key applications developers to back off Linux while the general negativism of Linux marketing caused many of the individuals whose innovations should have been driving Linux adoption to hang fire until MacOS X and Solaris for x86 under the CDDL came along."
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The GPL Impedes Linux More Than It Helps?

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  • Re:Actually (Score:4, Funny)

    by Tackhead ( 54550 ) on Tuesday October 04, 2005 @01:09PM (#13713977)
    > The author admits that the headline was inadvertently applied from a post he intends to do tomorrow.

    Tomorrow's headline will be under GPLv3. Today's headline is still under GPLv2. It's OK to dupe today's headline tomorrow in order to get pageviews today, as GPLv2 headlines can be grandfathered in, and the revenues derived from the pageviews would be legit. But if he posted it tomorrow, he'd owe royalties to RMS - no, wait, nobody's supposed to owe royalties to anyone - but if he posted it tomorrow, I'm sure RMS would do something nasty to him! Maybe even start singing some of his poetry or something!

  • by totallygeek ( 263191 ) <> on Tuesday October 04, 2005 @01:09PM (#13713982) Homepage
    Seriously, I wonder what the hangtime will be until this degrades into a KDE vs. Gnome thread?

    Most likely quicker than the time it takes pizza to go from roof-of-mouth scalding hot to zero-Kelvin cold...

    I see no reason to squabble about it. Everyone knows that Gnome is better. Of course, I am typing this from KDE on Knoppix...

  • by ivan256 ( 17499 ) * on Tuesday October 04, 2005 @01:22PM (#13714110)
    It's funny, that you can say I'm absolutely wrong followed directly by saying exactly wy I'm absolutely right.
  • Re:Subject (Score:1, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday October 04, 2005 @02:55PM (#13715129)
    A poet who lived in Milan
    Wrote poems which just would not scan.
    He said "I do fine
    Til I reach the last line,
    then I cram in as many syllables as I possibly can."

    -- posting anonymously because it isn't worth logging in for this

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