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Love Says Caldera's Doing Fine, Despite Losses 120

sanpitch writes: "Caldera is barely scraping along, (in contrast to little brother Lineo, which may not survive). Their latest move is to close the Chelmsford and Erlangen offices, as well as lay off 73." At least not Noel Coward writes: "The bad financial report out of Caldera yesterday is actually good news, says Ransom Love in an interview on Linux and Main. Now, he says, they're ready to go forward with their grand strategy, which unfortunately has nothing at all to do with desktop Linux as we know it."
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Love Says Caldera's Doing Fine, Despite Losses

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  • by wackybrit ( 321117 ) on Friday May 10, 2002 @06:19AM (#3495627) Homepage Journal
    First: Love Says Caldera's Doing Fine
    then.. Caldera is barely scraping along. Those statements are mutually exclusive.

    (in contrast to little brother Lineo, which may not survive)

    In contrast to? If Caldera are 'barely scraping along' then surely they might not survive either.

    The bad financial report out of Caldera yesterday is actually good news

    That makes absolutely no sense.

    This story sounds like a giant spoof. Noel Coward.. (of "Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid-day sun" fame?).. And 'Ransom Love'? Eh?

    Is Slashdot trying to be The Onion of tech stories? If so, do your homework, this is only funny because of how stupid it is.
  • Caldera... (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Qwerpafw ( 315600 ) on Friday May 10, 2002 @07:16AM (#3495714) Homepage
    Apparently their strategy is to copy what IBM did with OS/2. Brilliant.
    LaM: So your desktop interest would be in the areas that, for instance, IBM pursued with OS/2 [...]

    Love: No question there.
    This could be bad news. Very bad news.
  • Re:sad.... (Score:2, Insightful)

    by vorpal22 ( 114901 ) on Friday May 10, 2002 @07:53AM (#3495786) Homepage Journal
    I've got 40 strong reasons why Linux will have a powerful desktop presence in the near future and Microsoft is running scared

    Linux fanatics have been saying this for a *number* of years now. I got into Linux three years ago and used it exclusively. Every issue of Linux Magazine and Linux Journal that was released at the time sang the success stories of Linux, and how mainstream Linux adoption was just around the corner.

    Well, it's three years later, and Linux still only appeals to a very small subset of computer users.

    I think Linux had its chance to make it big when the stock market hype was building up around it. Unfortunately, it missed this chance by being unusable by the average person as a desktop OS, and a financially unsound choice to build companies or business strategies around (*cough* Corel *cough* *cough*).

    Linux will, of course, never die. But I don't suspect that we will we see a significantly huge increase in the Linux userbase.

    Especially now, with the arrival of Mac OS X - many Linux users, tired of waging constant (and unproductive) sysadmin war, switched when OS X was released *raises hand*. Hopefully someone will release a well-supported (in terms of both industry-standard software and hardware) UNIX variant for PCs with a consistent user interface experience. As far as I'm concerned, Linux doesn't cut it here. Linux offers choice, which is good when you're knowledgeable enough to make those kind of decisions. But the average Joe Blow doesn't want 30 different GUIs on his computer.
  • by furiousgeorge ( 30912 ) on Friday May 10, 2002 @01:29PM (#3497875)
    >>agreed with Microsoft that the gpl was VIRAL!

    don't be a jackass. The GPL is viral. Thats the whole point of the GPL. Microsoft says thats a negative. Stallman says it's a positive. That doesn't change the fast that by its very nature it is viral.

    If you incorporate any GPL code into your code the GPL takes over. That fits my definition of viral.
  • Re:sad.... (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Master Bait ( 115103 ) on Friday May 10, 2002 @03:32PM (#3498684) Homepage Journal
    I've got 40 strong reasons why Linux will have a powerful desktop presence in the near future...

    Hmmm. let's see...

    1. Computing in the third world (see Peru)
    2. IBM
    3. Sun
    4. SGI
    5. KDE evolving
    6. Samba evolving
    7. XFree86 evolving
    8. Kernel evolving
    9. GCC evolving
    10. Glibc evolving
    11. Ximian and Mono
    12. Suse
    13. Mandrake
    14. Use of LFS as compsci education subject
    15. Microsoft's licensing strategy
    16. Microsoft's security problems
    17. BSA's anti-pirating strategies
    18. Political pressure on governments to adopt open source (see Bundestag)
    19. 64-bit x86, Linux already ready
    20. Growth of Internet surfing
    21. Cheap all-in-one motherboards --> ressurection of the Xterminal
    22. Cheap VIA C1 low-power CPU
    23. Continued growth of number of developers in open source projects
    24. People's Republic of China and Red Flag Linux
    25. the superior 'po' internationalization system
    26. Mozilla
    27. OpenOffice
    28. Lyx
    29. DECSS and xv
    30. 359 Database front-end projects on Freshmeat
    31. 3071 multimedia projects on Freshmeat
    32. 708 Office/Business projects on Freshmeat
    33. 1531 Desktop Environment projects on Freshmeat
    34. 1408 Games/Entertainment projects on Freshmeat
    35. Xwindow drivers for most AGP video cards
    36. Alsa sound system included in 2.5 series kernel
    37. OpenGL
    38. Crossover et. al.
    39. WINE
    40. VNC
    41. Steve Ballmer

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