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Linux Business

Live from LinuxWorld until 4 p.m. 68

We're streaming audio live from the LinuxWorld show floor until 4 p.m. or slightly later.. You can get it at (and thanks to TheSync for making this happen). You can now also our live boothcam and, later tonight (7 - 10 p.m.) our official PARTY!!! and Beanie Awards ceremony.
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Live from LinuxWorld until 4 p.m.

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  • by Anonymous Coward
  • Your friendly slashdot author. Yesterday there was another accordian too. The HORRORS!
  • lots of posts saying the webcam's broken: moderate them to 2. post from the person running the webcam: leave at 1. ;^)

    anyway, current status:

    it's not the cameras, and it's not the cables (we've tried two of each). it seems to be the video capture card. when we recorded the beanie awards last night, the signal coming in from the cameras & cables to the video mixing board was fine, but when we ran a cable to the encoding machine, it ran great for awhile, then turned into what you saw yesterday. so, we just turned it off and let thomas and (oops; so sorry, i'm blanking on your name!) take the recording back to the sync to be encoded.

    i turned in relatively early last night, so i don't know whether we snagged a replacement card from thomas or not. you'll just have to stay tuned...

    p.s.: watch for the beanie awards video; it's fun. :)

  • sorry i haven't been on /. all day to give updates. thanks to the folks in #slashdot for telling me what they're getting on their end.

    icecast continues to die from time-to-time, but we now have an account on thesync's server, so we can restart it as needed.

    as for the boothcam, there's a bad coupling on the video input card. if you jiggle the cable for 20 minutes or so, you can get a clear shot for 10 seconds. of course, you also get this if you *don't* jiggle it... it's total chaos theory at this point. sorry about that. hope you caught the alan cox interview and the nerf battle this morning.

  • Maybe I'm dumb, but I haven't been able to figure out how to connect to the live audio cast? Anyone now how?
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  • Put the camera down! I'm gonna hurl!

  • If you use XMMS you need to add the leading http:// in front of the address.
  • by Lumpy ( 12016 )
    love the advertisment for sony over the image.
    This explains why it isnt working well...
  • Just made me think about it... It could be cool to have a little new slashbox showing the slashdot booth in any event that is taking place currently whatever it may be. This way we could spy on the /. staff everytime there is an event!!!
  • So Microsoft isn't the only one that likes that pretty blue color. I think the sync should rethink their color choice! :)

  • Heh.. I'll be popping the champagne in Tucson if I win.

    On the other hand, If I lose, i'll drink it. :)

    Bowie J. Poag
    Project Manager, PROPAGANDA For Linux ( [])
  • Someone's there playing an accordian. That might have something to do with why the picture is so bad :)

    Bowie J. Poag
    Project Manager, PROPAGANDA For Linux ( [])
  • by Orzak ( 17715 )
    ..getting worse.. The horizontal is getting vertical. Whatever that means.

    Hey.. is there some kind of accordion performance over there? That's all I hear on the radio. And the bass setting is way too high. :)

    Anyway, I don't quite understand what's so exciting about being able to hear inside jokes from outside..
  • by Orzak ( 17715 )
    ..getting worse.. The horizontal is getting vertical. Whatever that means.

    Hey.. is there some kind of accordion performance over there? That's all I hear on the radio. And the bass setting is way too high. :)

    Anyway, I don't quite understand what's so exciting about being able to hear inside jokes from outside..
  • This may not be legal, but if it isn't, somebody of importance shoot me down by replying to the thread ;) Try this before The Sync to improve eveyone's listening quality.
    96 max users (now)

    If you're not getting anything, then the main feed is bad/down/not broadcasting.

  • Well, if you use Winamp for windows >2.05, press Control-L with Winamp selected and put "" or my mirror in the box.
  • by ashpool7 ( 18172 )
    If you hear nothing playing, they're not broadcasting
    If you hear Juno Reactor playing, that means The Sync is down
  • That was a problem with The Sync. When they fixed it, my braindamaged Win32 Shoutcast (v1.5.0) server doesn't pick up and still reports the same problem. I wasn't paying attention after 2pm today, so I didn't get a chance to reboot the server. Sorry guys :(
  • Are you referring to /. -> VA [] sale?
  • Are you referring to /. -> Andover -> VA [] sale?
  • I just fell off a far out planet yesterday. In my planet we use only Linux but I am new to this concept of streaming audio. Can someone here please explain how to listen to this in Linux? I am sure everybody in here knows, except we aliens.

    Thanks in advance for your patience.

  • Listening to the stream right now (4:41 Newfoundland Time, GMT -3:30).

    Whoever put on King of the World by Steely Dan is my favourite person in the world!

    Last time I checked it was dead air. I went away for a while, then came back to this amazing tune.

    Too bad it's a little broken up...
  • by Rasvar ( 35511 )
    That camera must be encrypted. Anyone have PGP key for video?
  • UK format ;-)
  • I keep seeing the word "Stamina" and "Battery Life" almost like the camera is on "Demo Mode."
  • It would be grate for the people that have a wierd schedual or just cant get on if someone was recording this, I know it would be big but it would be nice and certenly would be a part of /. history!
  • ...I just looked at the webcam, and the date said 03/02/2000.

    Live from the future? Or a weird date format?
  • For RealPlayer, one can go to File->Open protocol prefix needed.

    "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."

  • Not really, just "nearly anywhere but the US" format...
  • Please please please get her in front of the camera, someone get some photos...BSD Latex daemoness, if you're reading right now, and you wanna make a lot of money, throw up a few add banners (the people /. goes with ain't that bad, most people have doubleclick blocked) and link to some photos here. You'll be able to retire early, providing your web server can handle the slashdot effect...
    rschaar{at} if it's important.
  • by CvD ( 94050 )
    Doesn't look like a booth to me... just looks like a bunch of people sitting on the floor having fun? And why isn't it way more busy? It's only a guess, but if you've been using Linux your bound to have heard of Slashdot... :)


  • Yeeesh, you all. Pick a time tomorrow (in eastern standard, please) :P and I'll go do a stupid little dance in front of the cam or something. Howzzat?
    And I wish I could make money with this, I could go right back to Berkeley. ;) But you know - trademarked character, nonprofit organization - I just don't have the heart (or the hypocrisy.) Meep. As for the other semi-unanswered stuff..... 43&threshold=0&commentsort=0&mode=thread &pid=79#93

    Ceren Ercen
    "Strange Attractor
    FreeBSD Test Labs"

  • I mean with your bein' mergin' 'n all... (I hope it won't hurt anywhere, physically, I mean) But unfortly, your video streaming sucks.
  • In XMMS when I try to connect to your mirror, I get:
    • connecting...
    • connected, waiting for reply...
    • prebuffering..8kb/32kb
    and it just sits there at the "prebuffering" stage. I get "504 server full" from the sync, just like yesterday.
  • Don't try to change the channel. We control the Horizontal, and the Vertical It seems that you are only controlling the Horizontal. What happened to the Vertical???!!!
  • What time zone are you talking about? Not all of us live in Tierra Del Feugo or wherever it is that you happen to be. Or does it stop at 4pm in _every_ time zone? That would be a neat trick.

  • You can change the refresh rate. Just copy and paste the source into a ascii file and change it at the top (under META refresh content="30")from 30 to 10 (or whatever), then save it as an html and open it locally. Works great at 10 seconds for me.
  • "It's not the same on film is it? I mean, you know it's real, but it's like looking through the lens gives you some sort of protection from what's on the other side."

    "I was the one who brought them here. I was the one that said "Let's go to Linux World." I was the one who said that we were not lost. It was my fault, because it was my booth. I am so scared... I don't know what's out there. We are going to die out here - I am so scared!"

  • by Sabu ( 145078 )
    I see you :) I hope you guys are having a good time. And I will tune in for the party.
  • Please please please get her in front of the camera, someone get some photos
  • yet no BSD girls. (yes that is all I can think of; yes I realize all of my posts have been about the BSD girls; I am fully aware that this is pathetic, possibly psychopathic behaviour; no I will not stop writing these comments; "Yes I am still holding onto the can."--Homer Simpson)
  • Yesterday was great. How is it today? I think I hear a user calling me to midtown...
  • Finally some MS bashing...
  • Who's playing the accordian?!?!?
  • Could anyone post the lyrics for that song Emmet performed? :)
  • how quickly new articles get posted every time there is a "slashdot is now owned by" or "we have taken some semi-controlling action" you guys save a few to post and then put em up shortly after these announcements on purpose?

    I mean if its just to try to have people overlook the articles because you don't want them to read them, but feel obliged to post them, than i completely understand.......
  • by Holophax ( 21693 )
    Picture is a little jacked up, someone fix the horizontal.

  • Looks like multi-line collages of two different pictures.

    Fix please.
  • That's either emmet (glasses, dark hair) or me (Master of Kode Fu, no glasses, shock-red hair).

    We'll probably play "Should I Sleep or Should I Code" later today, and I'm hoping to get CmdrTaco to sing "Won't Get Fooled Again" while I play.

  • I've tried TheSync's audio feed several times, and it seems /.'ed to the extreme.

    Anyone else having better luck?
  • I haven't seen anything quite as visually unsettling than the skewed webcam since I accidentally ate the entire plate of 'brownies' someone left in the fridge back in college.

  • (Score:1)
    by NSA_Guy on 10:22 3rd February, 2000 MDT
    (User Info [])

    Picture is a little jacked up, someone fix the horizontal.

    Hello this is NSA chief of covert operations Bill McHansen

    Damn you figured out our little scheme to assassinate^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H um I mean talk to the members of slashdot. However we will eventually achieve our objective. Good day.
  • Guys, next time get a little help with the video.
    Anyone have any dramamine.

    Never knock on Death's door:

  • Don't try to change the channel. We control the Horizontal, and the Vertical. It looks like you are only controlling the Horizontal. There is no Vertical!!!
  • by jd ( 1658 ) < minus city> on Thursday February 03, 2000 @06:29AM (#1308742) Homepage Journal
    • TheSync isn't. Someone needs to poke the camera. Try address 64721.
    • If you can, multicast it. Or if that's something TheSync would have to do, they should. Given the choice of a car park in Massechusets, a deserted train station in Sweden or a LinuxWorld convention, which would YOU watch?
    • Last, but by no means least, if you -can't- multicast, can TheSync -at least- offer better refresh rate?
  • by Smack ( 977 ) on Thursday February 03, 2000 @06:49AM (#1308743) Homepage
    Here are some pictures I took yesterday at Linuxworld, hanging around the Slashdot booth. Slightly better quality than the livecam... and they have captions to boot. []

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