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Tuesday July 01, 2014 @08:43AM Ask Slashdot: Choosing a Web Language That's Long-Lived, and Not Too Buzzy?
Monday June 23, 2014 @04:54PM Perl Is Undead
Monday June 16, 2014 @09:48AM Ask Slashdot: Best Rapid Development Language To Learn Today?
Monday December 02, 2013 @10:08PM Perl Will Finally Have A Compiler
Thursday June 13, 2013 @11:26AM Learn About the FRDCSA 'Weak AI' Project (Video)
Thursday May 09, 2013 @08:35AM Israeli Singer Publishes a Song In Hebrew — and Perl
Monday January 28, 2013 @10:35PM Perl's Glory Days Are Behind It, But It Isn't Going Anywhere
Monday January 28, 2013 @03:19PM Perl Isn't Going Anywhere -- For Better Or Worse
Sunday January 06, 2013 @05:28PM Why JavaScript Is the New Perl
Monday December 24, 2012 @08:34PM Linux, Apache, Perl, X10, Webcams... and Christmas Lights
Monday October 15, 2012 @01:28PM Ask Slashdot: Best Approach To Reenergize an Old Programmer?
Thursday October 11, 2012 @01:48PM Best approach to reenergize an old programmer
Monday May 21, 2012 @04:20PM Perl 5.16.0 Released
Wednesday April 25, 2012 @05:59AM C/C++ Back On Top of the Programming Heap?
Thursday March 29, 2012 @11:33AM Needed: A LAMP Stack For Robotics
Monday February 06, 2012 @10:08AM Perl Data Language 2.4.10 released
Monday February 06, 2012 @09:50AM Perl Data Language 2.4.10, multi-thread support
Friday February 03, 2012 @09:27AM Craigslist Donates $100,000 To the Perl Foundation
Thursday February 02, 2012 @11:12AM Perl Gets $100,000 From a grateful craigslist
Thursday December 29, 2011 @09:51AM Effective DoS attacks against Web Application Plat
Monday December 05, 2011 @04:47PM Ask Slashdot: One Framework To Rule Them All?
Sunday November 06, 2011 @11:26AM Analyzing StackOverflow Users' Programming Language Leanings
Thursday October 27, 2011 @05:03PM Is Perl Better Than a Randomly Generated Programming Language?
Tuesday October 25, 2011 @02:16PM Perl sucks: we have proof
Thursday July 14, 2011 @12:45PM ActiveState Moves Stackato Cloud Platform to Beta
Friday June 24, 2011 @12:07PM Learning Programming In a Post-BASIC World
Tuesday June 14, 2011 @02:19PM 15-yr-old sells startup to ActiveState
Saturday May 14, 2011 @06:53PM Perl 5.14 Released
Saturday May 14, 2011 @06:45PM Perl 5.14 Released
Friday May 06, 2011 @08:19AM Perl and Python float on open source VMware cloud
Sunday March 06, 2011 @05:42PM Disarm Internet Trolls, Gently
Sunday March 06, 2011 @04:40PM Disarm Internet Trolls - the CBT Approach
Monday December 20, 2010 @12:59AM RubyGems' Module Count Soon To Surpass CPAN's
Wednesday December 01, 2010 @10:19AM Advent Calendar For Geeks
Saturday November 13, 2010 @07:45PM Which Language To Learn?
Sunday August 01, 2010 @06:44PM How Can an Old-School Coder Regain His Chops?
Friday July 30, 2010 @12:14PM Perl 6, Early, With Rakudo Star
Thursday July 29, 2010 @09:06AM Rakudo Star - "early adopter" Perl 6, released
Thursday May 27, 2010 @07:41AM For Automated Testing, Better Alternatives To DOS Batch Files?
Tuesday April 20, 2010 @09:45AM Adding Some Spice To *nix Shell Scripts
Tuesday April 13, 2010 @05:37PM Something For (Almost) Every Developer
Friday January 29, 2010 @10:42AM Russian Stealth Fighter Makes Its First Flight
Monday January 18, 2010 @09:23AM Microsoft Bots Effectively DDoSing Perl CPAN Testers
Thursday December 24, 2009 @09:17AM Helping Perl Packagers Package Perl
Wednesday December 23, 2009 @09:29PM Helping Perl Packagers Package Perl
Monday December 07, 2009 @07:08AM The Perl 6 Advent Calendar
Monday October 05, 2009 @05:37AM Perl 5.11.0 Released
Thursday June 11, 2009 @09:32AM Should Undergraduates Be Taught Fortran?
Wednesday March 18, 2009 @03:18PM Parrot 1.0.0 Released
Wednesday February 18, 2009 @08:27PM Apple's Mac OS X Update Breaks Perl
Wednesday February 11, 2009 @03:54PM Beginning Portable Shell Scripting
Tuesday January 13, 2009 @11:13PM Call For Grant Proposals In Perl Development
Tuesday January 13, 2009 @09:17AM The Evolution of Python 3
Tuesday January 13, 2009 @04:58AM More Than Coding Errors Behind Bad Software
Monday January 05, 2009 @10:05AM Perl Migrates To the Git Version Control System
Friday December 19, 2008 @02:19PM Larry Wall Talks Perl, Culture, and Community
Wednesday December 17, 2008 @12:21PM If Programming Languages Were Religions
Thursday December 11, 2008 @03:18PM Best Introduction To Programming For Bright 11-14-Year-Olds?
Wednesday December 10, 2008 @10:50AM Best Paradigm For a First Programming Course?
Wednesday December 10, 2008 @10:31AM Higher-Order Perl Available For Free Download
Monday December 08, 2008 @12:49PM Free Resources for Windows Perl Development
Monday December 08, 2008 @10:01AM What Programming Language For Linux Development?
Friday October 31, 2008 @06:54PM Poll Finds 23 Percent of Texans Think Obama is Muslim
Tuesday October 21, 2008 @07:39PM Practical Reasons To Choose Git Or Subversion?
Tuesday October 14, 2008 @03:06AM 10 Forces Guiding the Future of Scripting
Wednesday October 08, 2008 @09:29AM Where's the "IronPerl" Project?
Friday August 29, 2008 @12:00PM Bitten By the Red Hat Perl Bug
Monday August 25, 2008 @10:12AM Why Corporates Hate Perl
Saturday July 26, 2008 @06:02AM How To Encourage a Young Teen To Learn Programming?
Wednesday July 23, 2008 @02:57PM Practical Django Projects
Sunday July 20, 2008 @10:22AM Best and Worst Coding Standards?
Saturday April 05, 2008 @12:22PM Identify and Verify Users Based on How They Type
Friday April 04, 2008 @11:10AM Engineers Make Good Terrorists?
Tuesday March 18, 2008 @05:48PM What Programming Languages Should You Learn Next?
Wednesday February 20, 2008 @09:45AM Obsolete Technical Skills
Friday February 01, 2008 @06:00PM Python 3.0 To Be Backwards Incompatible
Friday January 25, 2008 @03:18PM You Used Perl to Write WHAT?!
Monday January 21, 2008 @08:32AM perl6 and Parrot 0.5.2 Released
Wednesday December 19, 2007 @09:08PM Perl 5.10, 20 Year Anniversary
Friday December 07, 2007 @10:42PM State of the Onion 11
Wednesday December 05, 2007 @07:49PM What is Perl 6?
Saturday December 01, 2007 @11:25PM BBC Creates 'Perl on Rails'
Thursday November 29, 2007 @09:46AM The PHP Anthology 2nd Edition
Sunday September 23, 2007 @06:58PM Thinking about Rails? Think Again
Monday September 10, 2007 @02:13PM PHP5 Vs. CakePHP Vs. RubyOnRails?
Monday April 30, 2007 @12:42AM Custom Charts w/ Perl and GD
Thursday March 01, 2007 @09:17PM Randal Schwartz's Charges Expunged
Thursday February 22, 2007 @02:30PM Minimal Perl for Unix and Linux People
Monday February 05, 2007 @06:43AM XML::Simple for Perl Developers
Friday November 10, 2006 @12:17AM Choosing Your Next Programming Job — Perl Or .NET?
Saturday November 04, 2006 @09:24PM No More Coding From Scratch?
Friday November 03, 2006 @12:16PM PHP 5.2.0 Released
Friday October 13, 2006 @07:57AM Asynchronous Programming for Spam Elimination
Friday September 29, 2006 @06:35AM Perl's State of the Onion 10
Wednesday July 26, 2006 @02:34AM Amazon's Werner Vogels on Large Scale Systems
Thursday June 29, 2006 @03:59PM Wicked Cool Perl Scripts
Friday May 12, 2006 @02:09PM Caffeine 'Dipstick' Test for Coffee
Saturday April 01, 2006 @05:42PM Larry Wall on Perl 6
Tuesday March 14, 2006 @11:46AM SCO Offers Up The 'SCAMP' Stack
Tuesday March 07, 2006 @01:13PM LAMP Lights the OSS Security Way

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