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Thursday March 17, 2011 @04:05PM Paramount Pictures To Release Film On Bittorrent
Tuesday August 24, 2010 @08:53AM Microsoft Claims 'We Love Open Source'
Monday May 10, 2010 @07:58PM Microsoft's Free, Online Version of Office To Premiere This Week
Friday April 09, 2010 @07:26AM Microsoft's CoApp To Help OSS Development, Deployment
Wednesday February 03, 2010 @09:53PM MPEG LA Extends H.264 Royalty-Free Period
Thursday January 07, 2010 @05:49AM Microsoft Wants To Participate In SVG Development
Tuesday November 17, 2009 @01:47PM Microsoft Open Sources .NET Micro Framework
Wednesday October 28, 2009 @01:54AM Microsoft Opening Outlook's PST Format
Tuesday October 13, 2009 @07:52AM Windows Server Trusts Samba4 Active Directory
Friday September 11, 2009 @01:41PM Microsoft Launches Its Own Open Source Foundation
Tuesday July 21, 2009 @02:38AM Microsoft Releases Linux Device Drivers As GPL
Wednesday July 08, 2009 @05:15AM Microsoft Puts C# and the CLI Under "Community Promise"
Thursday April 30, 2009 @05:08PM Windows 7 Will Be Free For a Year
Sunday March 08, 2009 @10:54AM Microsoft Unveils "Elevate America"
Tuesday February 17, 2009 @06:57PM Microsoft and Red Hat Team Up On Virtualization
Friday February 13, 2009 @04:54PM Moonlight 1.0 Brings Silverlight Content To Linux
Friday February 06, 2009 @03:49PM Microsoft To Open Source Some of Silverlight
Friday February 06, 2009 @05:27AM The Case For Supporting and Using Mono
Friday January 23, 2009 @04:33AM Microsoft Donates Code To Apache's "Stonehenge" Project
Saturday December 13, 2008 @12:36PM Windows Cheap Enough For $2B Aussie Laptop Deal
Tuesday December 09, 2008 @09:05PM Google Turns On User-Tweakable Search Wiki
Tuesday November 25, 2008 @08:18AM Microsoft Woos Developers Under the Silverlight
Friday November 21, 2008 @03:59PM Silverlight On the Way To Linux
Friday November 14, 2008 @12:34PM The Trap Set By the FBI For Half Life 2 Hacker
Friday October 24, 2008 @06:55AM Microsoft Working For Samba Interoperability
Wednesday October 08, 2008 @07:10PM Mono 2.0 and .NET On Linux
Monday October 06, 2008 @10:24AM MediaDefender's Parent Company Joins P2P Market
Thursday October 02, 2008 @04:24AM Stallman Says Cloud Computing Is a Trap
Monday July 28, 2008 @03:43AM Microsoft Blesses LGPL, Joins Apache Foundation
Tuesday July 01, 2008 @01:23PM Microsoft Releases Pre-2007 Binary File Format Specs
Monday June 30, 2008 @12:59AM MS To Become Open Source Friendly Post Gates
Friday June 20, 2008 @07:54PM Microsoft Spokesman Says ODF "Clearly Won" Standard War
Saturday June 14, 2008 @08:44AM Microsoft Releases First Open XML SDK
Wednesday May 14, 2008 @04:16AM Microsoft Reaches Out To Blender
Thursday May 01, 2008 @01:18AM MS Beta Software To Manage Unix/Linux Systems
Wednesday April 16, 2008 @10:37AM Microsoft's Savvy Open Source Move
Friday March 28, 2008 @01:27AM Comcast Makes Nice with BitTorrent
Monday March 10, 2008 @06:02AM Microsoft Singularity Now "Open" Source
Friday March 07, 2008 @12:04PM Miguel Plans Silverlight on Mono & Linux by Years End
Friday February 01, 2008 @02:48PM Microsoft Launches IT Superhero Comic
Wednesday October 17, 2007 @09:29AM OSI Approves Microsoft Ms-PL and Ms-RL
Thursday September 13, 2007 @03:51AM Microsoft and Novell Open Interoperability Lab
Sunday July 29, 2007 @01:02PM Microsoft Launches OSS Site, Submits License For Approval
Monday July 09, 2007 @07:30AM Verizon Copper Cutoff Traps Customers
Sunday June 10, 2007 @08:48AM Microsoft Hires Director of Linux Interoperability
Tuesday May 22, 2007 @11:26PM Microsoft Will Not Sue Over Linux Patents
Friday May 18, 2007 @06:20AM Microsoft Votes to Add ODF to ANSI Standards List
Thursday May 03, 2007 @11:17PM Microsoft Common Language Runtime To Be Cross-Platform
Monday March 26, 2007 @08:22AM MS No Cathedral, Open Source No Bazaar?
Wednesday March 21, 2007 @11:05PM Microsoft Joins OpenAjax Alliance
Thursday March 15, 2007 @07:39PM Microsoft Cracking Open the Door To OSS
Saturday March 10, 2007 @09:36AM Microsoft Move to be the End of JPEG?
Monday March 05, 2007 @01:33PM Is Vista a Trap?
Thursday February 22, 2007 @11:24AM Visual Basic on GNU/Linux

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