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+ - ParanoidLinux: Will it protect the truly paranoid?->

Submitted by ruphus13
ruphus13 (890164) writes "There are still places on the world where having anonymity might mean the difference between life and death. In other walks, covering ones tracks is considered to be of such paramount importance, that we are now witnessing the rise of a Linux distro catered to just those folk. The alpha version of ParanoidLinux is now out. But is this the best way to protect oneself? Couldn't that be easily circumvented? The article states, "Why is it necessary to put the applications and services designed to protect anonymity, to encrypt files, to make the user nameless and faceless, all together, in one distribution? Let's think in a truly paranoid manner. Wouldn't it be far easier for a nefarious government organization to target that distribution's repositories, mirror that singular distribution's disk images with files of its own design, and leave every last one of that distribution's users in the great wide open?" What should the truly paranoid user do?"
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ParanoidLinux: Will it protect the truly paranoid?

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